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10 Best Whiteboard Calendars in 2021

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Whiteboard calendars are a thing of beauty for busy people. In their simplest form, whiteboard calendars help you remember things; but when fully exploited, they can allow multiple people to track multiple projects, predicting and avoiding time constraints and conflicts well in advance.

What to consider

The right whiteboard calendar can transform your work or personal life because it will get everyone on the same page. But that’s only if you select the right one. Keep the following in mind and you’ll be well on your way to a smoother schedule!

Cut: Think about how much information you need to include per day and how big the space you need to fit the board into. The size of our calendars range from approximately 16 x 11 inches to approximately 52 x 36 inches.

Adjustment: Do you need a calendar for your fridge, family room, school or office? We have calendars that would work well in all of these settings and more, below.

Additional Features: Some calendars are completely magnetic, which allows you to hang documents on them; others come with markers and extra space for to-do lists, while others are simple and streamlined.

Time range: We include calendars to plan your year at a glance, or dig deeper into your weekly or even daily tasks.

How we selected

We reviewed hundreds of whiteboard calendars, researched a range of professional endorsements, and looked for calendars with rave consumer reviews. We’ve included the best options we could find, with selections that will suit a variety of needs and budgets.

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Ideal for the refrigerator

Kedudes Dry Erase Calendar

Dimensions: 17×12 inches

This erasable calendar has an average of 4.7 stars from over 7,765 reviews on Amazon. The chart is perfect if you need to keep a monthly tab on your family’s activities, and it can also be used as a meal planning tool. The board comes with a pack of six color markers, which means you can create a color scheme for family members and activities. It also includes an erasable grocery list and is made in the USA.


Best Weekly Calendar

Dry Erase Weekly Magnetic Board

Dimensions: 16×12 inches

This weekly calendar is a great option for busy families with lots of activities, as there’s plenty of room for notes and information. The calendar includes a to-do list and a shopping list below the weekly schedule. The non-toxic dry-erase calendar has a magnetic coating, which means it can stick in the fridge. It also includes 10 magnetic decals, three color markers and a magnetic eraser.

One reviewer writes, “Love it! It helped us all get on the same page. I love that my kids can check the calendar and know what lessons and tasks they have for the day. »


Best Wall Mounted Jumbo

Large dry erase board

Dimensions: 38 x 50 inches

This erasable calendar offers 6.5 x 5.5 inches of writing space per date, which means you and your family or co-workers can include multiple events and notes per day. Each square has seven lines, which helps organize the space. The calendar also comes with a magnetic eraser and mounting strips.

One reviewer says “It’s easy to use, and not just big, it’s huge. While it was exactly what I needed, don’t buy this calendar without checking the dimensions and knowing where you’re going l ‘to hang up.


Best Together

Dry-erase calendar and whiteboard

Dimensions: 16.5 x 11 inches

This magnetic fridge calendar set has everything you need to keep the family organized. The set includes a monthly and weekly planner so you can keep track of big events, then explore weekly activities and tasks. There is also a daily planner that can be used as a shopping list.

The set includes a dry eraser and eight fine-tip markers in different colors. One reviewer calls the set a “good buy if you have a busy family and need to keep things organized.”


Best Small Wall Mount

Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar

Dimensions: 16.93 x 13.35 inches

This sturdy double-sided whiteboard gives you the option of using the calendar side or the regular whiteboard side. The whiteboard features a magnetic metal frame with metal hooks so it’s easy to hang horizontally or vertically.

The magnetic frame also serves as space to attach menus, photos and notes. Five colored markers, four magnetic “pins” and an eraser are included. Reviewers say it helps keep homes, home offices and dorm rooms organized.


Best overall

Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar

Dimensions: 36 x 24 inches

This frameless dry erase glass calendar is as sleek as a whiteboard and would fit perfectly in a modern office or home. Instructions are included on how to mount it on the wall.

The month-long calendar gives you plenty of space to jot down multiple entries per day, and there’s also a built-in to-do list, perfect for planning the month ahead. The calendar also has a magnetic glass, so you can hang papers and documents with the included magnets.

This calendar is priced and built to last, with a 15-year limited warranty. One reviewer raves, “Finally, the perfect calendar to organize the family without making our kitchen look like a school hallway or classroom!”


The most versatile

Whiteboard calendar and cork board

Dimensions: 23 x 17 inches

This versatile unit includes a dry-erase calendar board, cork frame, and magnetic surface with magnetic “pins” to display other notes and memos. There is a “notes” section set in the calendar space to keep track of superfluous tasks.

This calendar will fit perfectly in a cozy family room or office space. A dry erase marker is included and can be stored on top of the frame. One reviewer praised the “aesthetics” of the board and the “size of the calendar boxes”, which allow them to “put in a few notes a day”.


Best Jumbo Mobile Calendar

Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard

Dimensions: 48 x 36 inches

This double-sided reversible magnetic whiteboard comes with a monthly calendar on one side and a regular whiteboard on the other, making it ideal for work and school. It also comes on a mobile aluminum frame equipped with casters and brakes, and an aluminum tray for markers.

One reviewer says it’s a “lifesaver.” I work from home a lot, and having a board to stand in front of and jot down my thoughts is invaluable. A few reviews also recommend that you buy your own markers as the ones that come with “are very light and hard to see”.


Best Annual Whiteboard

Yearly Glass Board Calendar

Dimensions: 51.85 x 36.2 inches

If you want an overview of upcoming events, this glass wall calendar might be for you. The calendar is large enough for you to take notes in each daily box and view them from across the room at a glance. This calendar would fit perfectly in an office or medical setting.

One reviewer praises the overall “look and quality”, while another notes that it’s great for “planning at a glance”, but not for micro-managing tasks and details.


best four month planner

Magnetic Dry Erase Planner

Dimensions: 36 x 24 inches

This four-month calendar strikes a balance between monthly and yearly calendars. It allows you to look ahead, but still provides plenty of space to dig into the details. Since the whiteboard surface is magnetic, you can also attach notes, photos and documents. The calendar also includes an accessory tray for markers.

One reviewer says they “love the size, and the daily squares are big enough for me to add four to six separate pieces to them.”

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