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13 Best Cool Advent Calendars 2020

Cow copper coffee / wine box

In theory, Christmas should be enough. Christmas presents are exciting in themselves without the need for a additional 12 or 24 gifts to yourself leading up to their arrival. In reality, December is cold and long, and there is no harm in finding little ways to treat yourself until we reach the finish line. Hence the advent calendars. With little gifts to open before Christmas, they’re the perfect way to treat yourself (and your friends and family) without overdoing it. And, while advent calendars were once limited to junky toys and cheapo chocolate, now there are a ton of cool advent calendars that relate to all interests.

Of course, there are still chocolate advent calendars and toy advent calendars for kids. But you want something more exciting. What is your poison? You can find Advent calendars for wine, beer, spirits – even hard seltzer. Are you more of a beauty fanatic? Fill your December days with bath bombs and fabric masks. Aren’t you celebrating Christmas? No need to miss it, there’s even a Hanukkah calendar with kosher candy. And did we mention that your dog can also have fun with some handmade dog treats? (You can give it to him as a reward for putting on his Christmas pajamas.)

Advent calendar to pour over coffee

$ 69.00

Start your days in December with a touch of goodness from Copper Cow Coffee. You get 12 days of pour-over coffees and cult natural creams, including lavender and cardamom lattes and coconut cream.

Advent Calendar 12 nights of naughty wines

Vinebox’s “cheeky” holiday wine collection includes 12 “bold reds and sultry whites”. There is also a Nice Collection, or you can buy the two together for 24 new bottles.

Bark the Halls Dog Treat Advent Calendar

Bosco & Roxy

$ 0.01

Of course, your puppy doesn’t quite understand what Christmas is, but he’s been a good boy this year and deserves 24 treats. Each handmade dog cookie is made with applesauce and crushed peanuts.

Limited Edition Advent Calendar

Purina Fantasy Feast

$ 22.98

Don’t let your cat feel left out of the festivities if they see your dog on their own schedule. The Fancy Feast set includes 24 gourmet meals so your cat can enjoy the “festivities” too!

Advent calendar

English tea shop

Stay warm and relaxed while counting the days until Christmas with this 24 day advent calendar.

Jerky Advent Calendar

Man crates

Wish them a “meaty Christmas” with this calendar, which features 25 festive flavors of beef jerky ranging from ghost pepper to habanero root beer.

Hero Advent Calendar


$ 24.99

Make a candy lover’s countdown to Christmas a little sweeter with a calendar that showcases the best of the Cadbury range.

Advent calendar for couples


$ 13.99

This calendar for couples works the same as any regular Advent calendar, but instead of opening a window and getting a piece of chocolate for yourself, you can choose a fun activity for you. you and your partner to do together.

Spirits Advent Calendar

$ 75.00

Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave me, White Claw Black Cherry! This Advent Calendar features 12 of the top rated hard seltz of 2019.

Advent calendar with hot sauce

Who wouldn’t want to try flavors named like Blitzen’s Mouth Blitzer or Heaux, Heaux, Heaux Sauce? If your tongue can handle it, try 25 different hot sauce mixes on your December dinners.

Craft Beer Advent Calendar

Even if you’re not traveling for the holidays, you can visit 12 of the country’s breweries with this craft beer advent calendar. Each day contains one of the top rated beers from

Advent Calendar Short Stories

$ 45.17

Grab a seasonal drink (see below), sit in a comfortable chair (preferably near a crackling fire), and enjoy one of the 24 individually linked short holiday stories (stories included year round last by authors like Ben Greenman or RO Kwon). This comes from the Canadian publishing house Hingston and Olsen, which is also known for doing a scary stories countdown every October.

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