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14 best chocolate-free advent calendars 2021

The holiday season is almost all about sweets, which may leave some of us craving a break from the sugar rush. But since many advent calendars are traditionally filled with chocolate, it can be hard to rest a sweet tooth while counting to the big day. Whether chocolate isn’t your thing or you’re looking for something a little more original this Advent season, we suggest one of these unique (and equally festive) Advent calendars. From happy tea-filled calendars to skincare product lines, take a look at a selection full of countdowns for every type of gift recipient we loved from the past year and get ready to pre- order.

24 days of matcha

Earthy matcha green tea has become very trendy lately. Enjoy its cozy flavor and caffeine boost with this 24-option set.

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Advent Calendar Dolly Parton

The pandemic has given us all a new appreciation for the incomparable Dolly Parton, so why not pay tribute to her this holiday season with an Advent calendar filled with some of her favorite treats including chocolates, toffees. , gummis, etc.

Limited Edition Bonne Maman 2021 Advent Calendar

Count to the holidays in a heartwarming and tasty way with this adorable calendar featuring 24 mini spreads and honey for the best. toast. already.

Advent Calendar Dog

Your furry friend deserves at least one or two treats a day, right? Behind every door in this calendar await two all-natural, heart-shaped chicken and bacon soft treats that will ensure you are man’s best friend’s best friend throughout the holiday season.

Advent Calendar Coffee

Add energy to your vacation mornings with 24 freshly roasted artisan whole bean or French pressed bean coffees that will make opening your Advent calendar your favorite wake-up time.

Medici Advent Calendar

Treat yourself like royalty with these glazed almonds and French candies that were a treat to European royalty for hundreds of years.

Cookie Advent Recipe Book

Perfect for the baker in your life, this cookbook allows aspiring pastry chefs to peek under an ornament on the cover every day, which will lead them to a new recipe inside the book to try on the family and friends.

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(2020) 12-Day Sip Advent Calendar

For Anglophiles or just drink lovers, try this tea themed advent calendar. Each day you will unwrap two tea bags, giving a new meaning to “tea for two”.

(2020) Food52 x Stone Hollow Farmstead Advent Calendar

This advent calendar will bring the countryside to your home for Christmas. Every day, you’ll discover farm-fresh produce, such as jams, jellies, pickles and botanical drinkable vinegars, from the Alabama-based Stone Hollow Farmstead.

(2020) Sugarfina 24 Tastes of Christmas Advent Calendar

If you’re craving candy, but not necessarily chocolate, take a look at Sugarfina’s luxurious 24-day Advent calendar. Countdown to Christmas with the brand’s famous Apple Frogs, Birthday Cookie Bites, Snowman Gummies and more.

(2020) George & Viv 24 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar

For the beauty sample lover, this calendar is filled with 24 samples of coveted beauty finds like Sunday Riley A + High Dose Retinoid Serum, Lano Lips 101 Ointment, Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes and Red Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick.

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(2020) McCrea’s Candies Handcrafted Caramel Advent Calendar

A New England classic, McCrea’s Candies features an Advent calendar filled exclusively with mini caramels. Made from locally sourced butter, milk and cream, enjoy 24 caramels in 12 different flavors.

(2020) Diptych Advent Calendar

Suppose you want an Advent calendar that is not related to food at all. If so, treat yourself to this luxurious Diptyque set, filled with mini candles and fragrances.

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(2020) 12 Nights of Wine

Make your Christmas countdown even happier with twelve selected wine glasses, perfect for the holiday season. A mix of red and white, relax with a perfectly proportioned glass of Vinebox’s favorite wine.

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(2020) Twelve Days of Hot Sauce Advent Calendar

Spice up the holiday with this calendar, which features 12 different hot sauces, including habanero, chipotle, and two different types of sriracha.

(2020) Fancy Feast Feastivites Advent Calendar

In addition to making you happy, give your feline friend a memorable Christmas countdown. With 8 recipes and 24 boxes of wet cat food, cat lovers will rejoice in the ease and joy this calendar brings.

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(2020) Deck The Howls with Biscuits Advent Calendar Dog Snack

Make your sweet boy (or girl) part of the advent calendar tradition with the PetSmart “Deck the Howls” version, filled with 25 dog biscuits.

(2020) Advent Calendar for Christmas Tea Lovers

Another cozy tea schedule, this luxury British brand encourages curling up by the fireside with a hot cup of tea. Inside you’ll find 24 different options, including Moroccan mint and rhubarb and raspberry.

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