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18 modern calendars for 2021 and beyond

After 2020, you might be wondering why anyone needs a calendar since weather meant next to nothing last year. But with a vaccine in sight and a new year, maybe returning to being organized and responsible for our daily tasks is a good thing? I don’t know about you, but I want a bit of normalcy and knowing what day of the week we are could be a good start. If you’re on that same mind, take a look at these 2021 calendars for inspiration, and if you’re still worried about another weird year, I’ve even included perpetual calendars at the end. On the way to a better year!

Project 365 – 2021 Calendar by Lunes £ 8.99
Instead of following a typical calendar layout of months or weeks, Lunes breaks 2021 down into days of the year in hopes of throwing feelings like dreading Mondays.

Vertical Calendar by Nack Studio $ 34.99
At 8 inches wide and 24 inches high, this calendar displays the time in a comfortable and linear fashion with a clean and minimalistic layout in black and gray.

HueCalendar2021 by bello € 24.90
The HueCalendar will undoubtedly brighten up any dull space with its design that features 365 colors and 365 fonts for each of the 365 days. It’s even available in five different colourways so you can choose which palette your eyes turn to.

Calendar 2021: The Mini by RISOTTO £ 9
This colorful mini calendar features vibrant fluorescent colors and graphic designs for each month of the year.

Wall calendar of bungalows 2021 by bungalow kreativbüro $ 20
Individual and abstract shapes in a pretty lilac color become the background of this interactive calendar. As the days go by you draw a line through the numbers and at the end of the year a message will appear when all the days are connected.

Wall Calendar 2021 by Panagram $ 29.50
Available in this sun-washed terracotta color or white, this at-a-glance calendar is designed to be beautiful and functional with enough space each day to record those important events. Bonus: it fits into a standard IKEA 36 “x 24” (91 × 61 cm) frame

2021 Wall Art Calendar by DOZI $ 27
DOZI is back with a new 8 “x 12” wall calendar featuring new minimalist modern shapes each month in a striking palette of soft colors.

Mini Slowdown Studio 2021 Calendar £ 15.50
Slowdown Studio has created a 5 ″ x 8-1 / 3 ″ mini calendar with artwork from Slowdown Art Camp 2020 winners from around the world.

Today – Daily Calendar 2021 by Matthew Hoffman of You Are Beautiful $ 36.50
For each day of 2021, you can tear up a sheet that offers daily affirmation, from ambition to humor. This year’s edition features phrases starting with “you are” to help start your day.

Vinçon 2020 Wall Calendar by Octàgon Design 28 €
A minimal calendar that removes all unnecessary details leaving only black and red numbers on white paper for a classic look.

Typodarium 2021 € 19.80
A favorite calendar around the world, the Typodarium Desk Calendar features fresh fonts every day of the year in 12 cheerful colors.

KAL 2021 $ 36
Perfect for those who lean towards minimalism, this wall calendar features six double-sided calendar months and a metal base for easy hanging and transitioning to a new month.

2021 Vertical Diary by Crispin Finn £ 20
Each year Finn designs a new wall calendar with his signature in red and blue ink on a white background. The planner is printed on 100% recycled Revive 135gsm paper with an easy to read and convenient to use grid.

Perpetual calendars

365 Gradient Calendar by Henry Drago $ 20
With no date imprinted on each of its 365 sheets, the Gradient Calendar can be used in any year while enjoying the transition of colors over time. Use the reverse side as stationery or become a handyman and create something with the color gradient.

Poketo ‘s A4 monthly diaries in midnight, A5 in blue and A6 in red from $ 8
Available in three sizes, these simple planners include a simplified, open-date grid layout that gives a fresh start every month.

Perpetual Calendar TAIT by Mayday Press $ 45
Inspired by vintage wheel charts (vollles), this hanging calendar is hand screenprinted in one of three colors (red, black, or white) onto 140lb French paper with three circles that rotate to display the month, month date and day of the week.

Adhesive tape all year round by mo man tai € 24.95
If you are the DIY type, create your own unique calendar with these eight rolls of duct tape that allow you to plan a project or the next year as you see fit.

Perpetual Calendar Bulk By Poketo $ 68
A cool design year after year, this desk calendar is made up of frosted acrylic blocks with concentric numbers and months displayed in clean blue lines and arcs that are editable every day.

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