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2014 Wall Calendars – Stylish Calendars


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These pretty creations start 2014 in an organized and chic style. At the end of the year, go out and frame the prints for an instant piece of art.

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Ikonik Calendar

Polka dots, candy wrappers and balloons add an element of surprise to this Scandinavian-inspired design from a small Norwegian company. $ 20,

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Part and Pattern

Graphic shapes in a range of colors reminiscent of modern quilting. $ 33,

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Travel to america

Iconic destinations, such as Central Park, Yosemite, the Las Vegas Strip, and more, based on Anna Bond’s hand-painted illustrations. $ 26,

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Printable desk or wall calendar

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2014 wall calendar

Each month a fun and whimsical fashion illustration by Bruno Grizzo. $ 26,

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