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32 best advent calendars for kids


When you’re a kid, the month before Christmas feels like the the longest. You sing every Christmas song imaginable. You watch all the Christmas movies and specials that network television will put in front of you. You do a ton of Christmas crafts. And yet, nothing seems to make the days go by faster.

If your kids just can’t wait, spoil them with a Christmas Advent Calendar, which satisfies their appetite for toys and surprises until Santa Claus takes his big trip around the world. If you want your child to have fun opening a little something every day (it’s not chocolate), these children’s toy advent calendars are exactly what Santa’s elves ordered. But which ones to choose? Disney Advent Calendars always sell out fast, so grab them as soon as they’re available. LEGO, as always, has a few that are sure to please fans of star wars, Marvel or Harry Potter. Some encourage kids to take on creative projects every day, and others you can reuse year after year.

These are our favorite toy advent calendars for kids in 2021. As for what to put under the tree on day 25? Or the list of the best gifts for children can help you solve this problem.

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Disney: Storybook Collection Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Squishies

Just give them a little something to mash every day. In the end, they’ll have a menagerie of squishy animals. 3 years and over

Hot Wheels Advent Calendar

For Hot Wheels fans, this calendar is the ultimate. There are 24 surprises, including eight vehicles – with a sled, perhaps? — and 16 accessories. 3 years and over

Advent Calendar Pokémon Battle Figure Pack

Pokémon is experiencing a resurgence, so this countdown calendar is sure to delight any fan who’s back into their TCG cards. It comes with eight holiday accessories and 16 two-inch figures, including Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Vulpix, Eevee and Yamper. (You have to admit, Pikachu looks so cute with his present!). 4 years and over

STEM Advent Calendar

The Mad Scientist Advent Calendar

Disney Junior Advent Calendar

This countdown set features characters from kids’ favorite Disney Junior shows, like TOTS., Mixed Adventures of Mickey Mouse and Puppy Buddies. It comes with 11 mini surprise figures, five card decorations, five sticker sheets, five stickers and three stickers in three gift boxes. 3 years and over

Fidget Toy Advent Calendar

Fidget toys are more popular than ever, and this advent calendar offers 24 days of fidget fun, including some mini fidget pop toys. It will give them anxiety-free stimulation when they need it most, during the busy holiday season.

Holiday Craft Advent Calendar

Get them even more into the holiday spirit with this set, which gives them a holiday craft for kids or everyday craft supplies. The set includes suncatchers, paintable rocks and magnets to decorate. 3 years and over

wooden advent calendar for toddlers

My first advent calendar

For the real little ones, this one features 24 wooden farm animals, so they can practice their “baas” and “moos.” The pieces look almost like blocks, so kids can put them together themselves. 2 years and over

Every day in December, crafty kids can open this advent calendar and find some kind of creative prompt, along with the supplies needed to make it. When that’s done, they’ll have 25 holiday crafts. 6 years and over

Thomas & Friends Minis Advent Calendar

Complete their train collection with this advent calendar, which features a different push train every day. The engines are even fitted out in a vacation style. 3 years and over

Birthday Cake Countdown Timer

What’s great about this countdown calendar is that it’s not really holiday themed – you can put it away and use it again for a birthday! 4 years and over

Harry Potter Advent Calendar

LOL Surprise! Bling-A-Tree Advent Calendar

Little People Advent Calendar

For those looking for a great first Advent calendar, this one comes with 24 Little People figures and accessories, perfectly chunky for little hands. There is also a nativity version. 1 year and over

DIY Toy Advent Calendar

Reusable Wooden Advent Calendar

This reusable calendar comes with 24 empty drawers to fill as you wish. Get small prizes, love notes, candies and other good mood items for kids to open every day.

Dinosaur Toys Advent Calendar

Not only does this advent calendar come with 27 surprises, including 20 dinosaur figures, but it also includes a 25″ x 28″ playmat.

Farm World Advent Calendar

Known for their lifelike figurines, Schleich lets kids feel like real farmers with this 24-piece advent calendar. Or, for horse lovers, there is also the Equestrian club Advent calendar. 3 years and over

This Advent train is perfectly sized to be ridden by an elf on the shelf. Inside are surprises like mini elf figures and accessories to help prepare for Santa’s arrival. 3 years and over

Reusable Toy Advent Calendar

Wooden Advent Calendar

Add a magnetic decoration to this tree every day and it will be full by Christmas! Then pack it up and take it out next year. 3 years and over

Horse Play Advent Calendar

For some horse collectors, the release of the Breyer Holiday Collection is the highlight of the year. 3 years and over

Barbie Color Reveal Advent Calendar

Some advent calendars wait until the last day to give the best gift, but this one gives it right away: a new Barbie Color Reveal doll, who is placed in water to reveal her design. For the rest of the month, kids can open up fun clothes and accessories for her, including a husky puppy. 3 years and over

Advent Calendar LOL Surprise #OOTD

Super Mario Advent Calendar 2021

Your kids can “play” Super Mario without the need for a screen, by moving the included Mario figure into a new pocket on the felt calendar each day of the month. 3 years and over

Mini Brands Limited Edition Advent Calendar

There are 24 minis inside this advent calendar, including six exclusives that can’t be found anywhere else. But quantities are limited, so if you have a Mini Brands fan at home, be quick. 3 years and over

Best Advent Calendar for Tweens

Advent calendar for children

Hingston and Olsen, the publishers behind the famous advent calendar for adults (and also the ghost box for Halloween Stories), has launched a new story-filled advent calendar for children. This year the box is filled with tales from Jacqueline Woodson, Jerry Spinelli, Terry Pratchett, Kenneth Oppel, Beatrix Potter and more. 9 years and over

Don’t be a cotton-headed moron! Get this Elf advent calendar and recreate your favorite parts of the holiday movie. If Elf isn’t their favorite, you can also get A Christmas story. 4 years and over

Cars Minis Advent Calendar

Ka-chow! This advent calendar comes with five die-cast vehicles from the Cars movie, plus wintery accessories to create a holiday play for them. 3 years and over

Refresh their art stash and spark their creativity with this set, which includes a new supply and an arts or crafts challenge each day. There is a 12 day version and a 24 day version. No age recommendation given

My Kindness Advent Calendar

It’s the opposite: instead of obtain a toy or treat every day, children should give something new in the world. There are 25 kindness decals with challenges like “donate to a food bank” or “donate toys to kids in need” that kids can stick on a wintery tree when they’re done. No age recommendation given

Scratch Advent Calendar Poster

Here’s a good one for people who don’t want a bunch of toys cluttering up the house: you write fun experiences, good deeds and other non-tangible treats on ornaments – think things like “ice skating “, “spotting holiday decorations boardwalk” or “hot chocolate bar” – then cover with scratch-off stickers. The kids can scratch one each day, and you can do any family activity you write down. 3 years and over

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