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9 Best Calendar Apps for Android

Calendar apps offer more than just event reminders. While any calendar app can track social events, deadlines, and appointments, it’s usually worth exploring the options available on the Play Store rather than settling for the app that comes pre-installed on your phone. phone. Unlike the basic options, some calendar apps are tailored for a specific purpose, like calendar sharing or task management. We’ve put together a list of the best calendar apps for Android, from reliable all-purpose apps like Google Calendar to more specialized apps like TimeTree.

In addition to a calendar app, it’s worth finding a task management app that works best for you. Many of these apps integrate with calendar apps, so you can find the perfect combination to best organize your life.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a no-brainer if you’re comfortable residing in the Google ecosystem. It’s free, works beautifully with other Google apps like Gmail, and for those with Pixel phones, has a nice Material You look.

Google Calendar’s integration with other Google apps means it will suggest names, places and contact details when you add events. It can even scan Gmail for emails containing event information (eg flights or meetings) and automatically add them to your calendar.


Simple calendar

Simple Calendar is one of the best open source calendar apps available on Android. While other apps try to incorporate as many features as possible, Simple Calendar keeps things simple! But don’t be afraid to lose functionality. While it doesn’t offer smart suggestions or hardware that you design, it gives you enough options to customize the app to your liking. It is also part of the Simple Mobile Tools application suite so you can have an open source ecosystem with a consistent theme.


Calengoo is a versatile calendar app that might seem a bit overwhelming at first due to the large amount of customization options. One of its notable features is its range of 31 widgets (Google Calendar has 2). Each of these widgets can be customized with options that allow you to completely change the look of your calendar. It’s perfect for people frustrated with the limitations of other apps. It’s not just customization either; it’s packed with features ranging from Evernote integration to to-do lists in events.


Digical is for people who like Google’s aesthetics but don’t want to use their apps. It offers a clean and minimalist interface that offers Material You integration. The main app is free, but we recommend upgrading to DigiCal+ if you plan to use it as your main calendar app. This premium version removes ads and includes features like a heat map to help spot free and busy times and detailed weather forecasts. Plus, it’ll only cost you $4.99

Calendar notification

Calendar Notify is not a dedicated calendar app; it is a companion app for your calendar app. Calendar Notify adds your upcoming events to your lock screen and status bar in a notification-style window. It’s ideal for people who juggle a lot of events and need to know what’s going on at a glance. Lots of customization tools mean you can modify the app to show as much or as little information as you want and you can change its theme with just a few clicks. Tasks and Calendar is a combination to-do list, planner, and calendar app. While many calendar apps offer similar functionality alongside a calendar, feels like three separate apps rolled into one. It’s perfect for people who need a to-do list app, calendar app, and planner, but hate constantly switching between apps. It doesn’t suffer from feature overload either, and it’s smartly designed to show you everything you need at a glance.

A calendar

A calendar is a great way to display all of your calendars in one. It brings them together in an easy-to-read overview that can be viewed as a whole or calendar by calendar. While many calendar apps offer this feature, One Calendar’s organized interface provides a clear overview of all your events. However, the features are a bit lightweight, so it might not be the best solution if you don’t already use multiple calendars.


TimeTree is a dedicated calendar app for sharing events with others. While other calendar apps let you add contacts to events or share an event, TimeTree also offers a host of features for those who are constantly organizing with groups. For example, each event has a chat room so you can discuss it in a dedicated space, and you can create separate calendars for each of your groups. So if you organize and share a lot of events, this is the app for you.

Calendar by calendar date

Calendar by Calendar Date might not be the most named app out there, but it offers a brilliant range of features. It looks like a lite version of, so if you’ve tried that and find it a bit overwhelming, this might be perfect for you. Its minimalist interface helps keep things clean without losing detail, and navigating through the app is very intuitive. So if simple is what you want, you’ve got it!

Manage your dates, times and places

While your pre-installed calendar app can help you with your basic needs, you’re better off using a specific app like and TimeTree if you’re still struggling to stay organized. And if the idea of ​​Simple Calendar’s open-source nature appeals to you, but you’re not a fan of the app, there are other open-source calendar apps available. As always, this list is constantly changing as new apps become available. What are your favorite calendar apps?

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