Customizable calendar

A comprehensive review of Google Calendar and its features

Google Calendar is a free online calendar where you can track events and share them with your family, friends or colleagues. It also lets you set up reminders, send invitations, and track RSVPs.

You don’t need a manual to get started. Select a day and start typing to add events. View the calendar by day, week, or month, depending on your preference. All views are easy to use. There is also a way to view only four days at a time or a calendar, which is a list of upcoming events.

Sharing with Google Calendar

One of the main benefits of Google Calendar is its sharing capability. Family, friends, and others can share calendars with each other to keep track of meetings, appointments, birthdays, and more.

Create multiple calendars and share none, some, or all of them. This is useful if you want a personal calendar in addition to a work or family calendar shared with others. Anyone with access may be authorized to view and update it.

Sharing can be done from a browser or the app. Share with specific people or more broadly with anyone. When you make a calendar public, you can share its ICS file, use a webpage that lets others view it through a browser, and embed the calendar on another site.

Google Calendar mobile app

Mobile users find Google’s calendar app useful because it’s fully available from a phone or tablet. In fact, for some, it may be their only way to access it. Of course, since the calendar is online, you can start it on your computer, update it from your phone, and consult it at work.

More information on Google Calendar

As simple as it is to use, there are tons of features:

  • web-based; access from anywhere in a browser or app. Use the offline calendar for times when there is no internet connection.
  • If you have a Google Account and use services like YouTube or Gmail, you have the necessary login information to use Google Calendar.
  • Create separate Google calendars to organize events.
  • Calendars can have unique colors to differentiate them from items in other calendars that you view.
  • Add attachments to an event for all attendees to access and set a start/end time, location, and description.
  • Disabling a schedule is as easy as a click. The calendar is not deleted, just hidden.
  • Send invitations and collect RSVPs from the calendar or via email.
  • Multiple reminders can be set for events.
  • Easily import events in iCal or CSV format.
  • Add calendars via their URL and browse common calendars to instantly see things like holidays.
  • Synchronize with Outlook, Apple iCal and similar programs.
  • The start day of the week can be changed in the settings.
  • Print events for offline use.
  • Automatically add events from Gmail to stay on top of things like reservations.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to move quickly, for example to go to any date in your calendar.
  • Customizable so you can show and hide things like weekends, declined events, and week numbers.
  • Integrates with Google Meet.
  • Install Google Calendar add-ons to extend functionality.
  • Deleted events are stored in the trash for easy recovery.

Google Calendar might not be the flashiest option available, but it’s free (more of it), simple to use, reliable and worth trying.