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Armstrong Garden Club donations boost food security – Lake Country Calendar


Local food programs are growing thanks to the generosity of the Armstrong and District Garden Club.

The small club dramatically improves local food security through donations to a number of food and garden related programs and initiatives.

“Thanks to the community, we had a successful plant sale last May. We use the funds we have raised to support other members of the community who may need help, ”said President Glenn Gytenbeek.

About one in five children is food insecure, according to the club. By providing funds to the Armstrong Food Bank, the Good Fox Box, and local school food programs, the Garden Club helps provide students and families with a constant, healthy supply of food.

“We are very grateful for the Armstrong and District Garden Club’s donation to our breakfast program,” said Cora-Lee Baker, a learning resource teacher at Len Wood Middle School. “This means that all of our students can have access to food in the morning. Having food is a great way to start the school day.

John Hoile of the Lunch Program says the Garden Club donation helps the program buy food they don’t normally receive through donations.

“We are now offering 37 breakfasts to high school, middle school and elementary students in Armstrong,” Hoile said.

The Garden Club also provided funds to local community gardens to replace rotten flower beds.

Funding was also donated to the Communities in Bloom Society, a pan-Canadian nonprofit that promotes civic pride and environmental responsibility through community engagement.

A pair of scholarships have also been awarded to Pleasant Valley High School for students pursuing post-secondary education in a field related to agriculture, environmental sciences, forestry or similar disciplines.

The Garden Club plans to hold another plant sale in May 2022.

Brendan Shykora