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ASUU strike: Kogi government and Abubakar Audu University praised for stabe schedule

The Education and Justice Coalition (EYC) has welcomed the refusal of Prince Abubakar Audu University in Ayingba, Kogi State to participate in the ongoing strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU ), noting that this is further evidence of Governor Yahaya Bello’s incredible reforms. in the education sector.

The group said that since taking office in 2016, Governor Bello has done a great deal in education, improving conditions of service at institutions of higher learning, such as full financial autonomy for PAAU in regarding its internally generated revenue.

Speaking at a Friday press conference in Abuja, Executive Director Dr Linus Obetta said the institution’s refusal to join his colleagues was an appreciation of the notable attention received from the government of the State for homogeneous and uninterrupted university programs.

Because of this stable schedule facilitated by Governor Bello, Dr. Obetta added that university graduates are better equipped to contribute to the country’s sustainable growth and development.

He therefore instructed other state governors and even the federal government to emulate the governor’s work model in the education sector to avoid persistent industrial action that entrenched university activities in the country.

While applauding university authorities for standing up to pressure from ASUU, the Education and Justice Coalition urged Governor Bello to maintain this remarkable progress and continue to show his support for the institution.

The statement read: “The month-long strike recently launched by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) at this critical juncture in our drive for excellence in education is detrimental to the achievement of set goals and disrupts the academic calendar in higher education institutions across the country.

“While we believe ASUU acted within its constitutional mandate, the most significant implication of their strike action is that it would increase the burden already suffered by our education sector.

“In all of our many advocacy as a group, we have emphasized the need for ASUU leadership to devise other ways to negotiate better working conditions at institutions of higher education across the country. ASUU’s consistent use of the strike runs so counter to logic that we are tempted to believe more than appears in the recent strike.

“Our emphasis on roundtables is based on the consequences associated with strike actions that leave students frustrated and inactive, which in turn leads to an increase in social vices in the country.

“We believe that ASUU management does not realize that there is so much catching up to do in our education sector, and any attempt to further disrupt the academic calendar through strike action can be seen as counterproductive. -productive.

“On this premise, we wish to commend the authorities of Prince Abubakar Audu University in Kogi State for their refusal to join the month-long warning strike launched by ASUU. It’s a welcome development that bolsters the position of university visitor Governor Yahaya Bello.

“We know from a reliable source that the action of the authorities of Prince Abubakar Audu University is hinged on the notable service record of the university, among which is the complete financial autonomy it enjoys with regard to its income. internally generated. This is indeed remarkable from the Governor of Kogi State. He has done extremely well in the education sector of the state since he took over the leadership in 2016.

“The Education and Justice Coalition would like it to be on record that Prince Abubakar Audu University is the only public institution in the country that is not part of the month-long warning strike launched by ASUU .

“We have learned from reliable sources that the university’s refusal to join the strike is an appreciation of the notable attention it has received from the Kogi State Government in favor of the transparent and uninterrupted university programs of the university. “