Customizable calendar

Awesome calendar from YunaSoft Inc.

Now you can automatically sync with all iPhone calendars, write your to-do list, create notes with photos, check the weather and more, all with Awesome Calendar! This stylish app keeps you organized, flaunts vacations, and is even perfect for team projects.

You are out of the office but need to check your schedule. What are you doing? Open Awesome Calendar, of course. It only takes a second or two. The app automatically syncs with all iPhone supported calendars to let you know when you have time for that next meeting.

Quick as a snap, you add the meeting to your calendar and then create a note to help you get ready for it. A quick camera snapshot or a tour of your camera roll and you add a photo of the product you’re quoting on, the item in need of repair, or whatever you want. Another tap and you share all the information with your assistant in the office, who can get the ball rolling on this project.

You pride yourself on getting things done fast, which is why you have Awesome Calendar on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. All at once, right from the customer’s desktop, you could set dates and times, jot down all the information, and start things remotely. Again, you are providing the five star service that you are known for.

Awesome Calendar is the all-in-one tool to help you manage your personal and professional life. View and edit your schedule, check the weather, create a to-do list, write in your journal, embed photos in notes, check vacations. This one does it all!

Want to share your schedule and notes? Would you like someone to help you with your growing to-do list? No problem, you can do these things right in the Awesome Calendar app. It’s true, it’s as simple as it is practical. You never have to leave the app to use it more efficiently.

The power and time management functionality of this app is amazing. It has a sleek and easy to use interface from which you can organize your life and schedule. In addition to the tasks already mentioned, the app offers views by month, week, day and list, event alarms, collapsible weeks, vacation listings for 35 different countries, and much more than can be listed here. .

Check out some of the features offered in Awesome Calendar:

+ Input in natural language.
+ works with all calendars supported by iPhone (MobileMe, iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, CalDAV)
+ Integrated iOS reminder. Custom color, priority, note, custom alarms and subtask.
+ Synchronization with the google task
+ 4 applications in 1 (calendar, task manager, notepad, weather forecast, sticker)
+ Control of multiple calendars
+ Monthly, weekly, Filofax, day and list diary
+ Rolling todo and todo report.
+ Custom color for event and reminder.
+ ICloud support for journal.
+ Customizable calendar and color of the event.
+ Font size and style change option in view and note.
+ Time zone support.
+ Event template for quick addition.
+ Todo grouping option
+ Quick popup on the monthly view.
+ Public holidays noted for 35 countries. Selection of multiple vacations.
+ Stylish photo album calendar.
+ A powerful calendar allows you to enter notes and embed photos.
+ Full text search for event, note and task.
+ Easy to push event alarm and customizable alarm.
+ Unlimited alarms.
+ Weather information display – current and 10 day forecast
+ Air print-Overview of the month, week, day and each event.
+ Lots of Cuteeeee stickers available to use in monthly view
+ Share events, notes and to-do lists from the app
+ Code lock.
+ Monday / Sunday start option.
+ Custom recurrence for event and reminder.
+ Insert a photo to rate.
+ Share note by e-mail.
+ Badge alarm on icon. Number of events today, todos.
+ Display of past events over 1,2,3,4 and 5 years today at a glance.
+ Today’s wise saying.
+ Theme color.
+ Customizable recurring rule for event and reminder.
+ Sync note via iCloud.