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Best 2021 planners and calendars to get you organized in the new year

As 2020 draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about the year ahead. We might not have a lot of plans, but these are the best options for staying on top of these important dates.

Have all the important dates for 2021 in order

What are plans? With the weirdest and fastest (but longest) end of the year to end, it almost feels like a chore to start thinking about getting into a new one. Twenty-twenty what ?!

We all started 2020 with resolutions, plans and important dates to look forward to; we might not have been able to do those things this year – but there’s still 2021, right?

Whether it’s birthday reminders, New Year’s dating and Zoom greetings, or socially distant walks to the park that you must take note of, there are plenty of quirky options to choose from.

For custom options, we recommend checking out retailers such as Not on the High Street and VistaPrint. We also found some affordable choices on Amazon.

Find our full list of options below.

Best 2021 planners and calendars for the new year

1. A5 diary of the week in the month 2021

A5 diary from week to month 2021

A colorful and vibrant pattern, packed with all the nifty features to keep you on top in 2021.

The planner consists of weekly and monthly pages, with very simple tracking tabs to easily find the month you need.

An elasticated closure helps keep everything neat and tidy; and for all your loose and bob chunks, there is a ‘back pocket’ feature to keep things safe.

Price: £ 6.99, Amazon – buy here now

2.Boxclever Press Family Weekly Planner Calendar 2021

Boxclever Press Family Weekly Planner Calendar 2021

This Boxclever calendar ensures the smooth running of the daily, weekly and monthly organization of your home.

The family calendar has six columns to separately list everyone’s plans, whether it’s virtual reunions or family activities.

With a plastic overlay on top, you can record recurring activities without taking up too much space or having to rewrite the same things. Each week also has a punched shopping list.

Price: £ 11.99, Amazon – buy here now

3. Dog Page-A-Day Calendar 2021 Gallery Calendar

Do you love dogs as much as we do? Enjoy a cute dog photo with this Dog Gallery calendar.

It includes 160 sheets of high quality glossy paper, printed with beautiful color photographs of adorable dog breeds in the sweetest poses.

Price: £ 14.99, Amazon – buy here now

4. Calendar of chaos 2021

Nothing can be as chaotic as 2020, but just in case; this chaos calendar is perfect for planning carnage ahead.

This 12-page monthly view is A3 size and makes a perfect wall calendar for organizing up to six family schedules in one place.

Each month has dates, days of the week, and spaces to jot down all the important things you don’t want to forget.

Price: £ 18, NOT not on High Street – buy here now

5. Daily joy planner

A cute, compact, and efficient way to track your long and short term goals, ideas, and plans.

The 16-Week Daily Productivity Planner offers space to plan your days and weeks, write to-do lists, jot down shopping lists and more.

It is also possible to set and review goals, track habits and reflect on your personal growth. Fill in the dates yourself so you can start using it at any time of the year.

Price: £ 21.99, paper – buy here now

6. Wall calendar of city illustrations 2021

2021 city illustration wall calendar

For the creative types, this illustrated wall calendar will add a splash of color to your daily schedule.

The calendar features 12 of the world’s most exciting cities, color the rooms as you go to create a colorful accent at home.

Price: £ 16, not on the main street – buy here now

7. A6 Black Marker 2021 Journal

A6 Black Marker 2021 Diary

Minimalist, monochrome, and compact enough to stay with you when you need to jot down all the important everyday things.

Price: £ 4.20, Paperchase – buy here now

8. Emily Brooks 2021 Animal Slogan Desk Calendar

Emily Brooks 2021 Animal Slogan Desk Calendar

Brilliantly bold and who doesn’t love a cheeky animal slogan?

This desk calendar includes 12 designs by award-winning British illustrator Emily Brooks – no problem.

Price: £ 8, John Lewis – buy here now

9. 2021 The very busy family calendar

2021 The busy family planning calendar

Another good option for the larger, busier family, this whimsical design features beautiful artwork and more than enough room to spread the family’s activities, plans, and dates in an orderly fashion.

Price: £ 10.99, Water stones – buy here now

10. Vista Print Personalized Desk Calendar

Vista Personalized Printed Desk Calendar

If you want to personalize your calendar a bit, add your own touches with Vista Print’s range of customizable calendars where you can add your own family photos and select your favorite themes.

Price: From: £ 5.48, Vista Print – buy here now

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