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Best Advent Calendars 2022: Liberty to Fortnum & Mason

Here in the world of the best Advent calendars, there are plenty of reasons to feel both excited and smug. Excited because… well, anything festive is an excuse to awaken your inner child. Smug because there are amazing deals to be had. The best beauty advent calendars and alcohol countdown are supported in separate locations here on QG, but this page is your central reference for discovering the most luxurious Advent calendars of 2022.

If you’re looking for a daily gastronomic ritual, we’ve got you covered. Hotel Chocolate and Fortnum & Mason selections, as well as a savory option of TheCheeseGeek and even a Pomegranate protein bar box should you get fat this winter. Then there are the calendars that are not edible. Some of our favorite beauty and care options appear here, including the inevitable sale Liberty Advent Calendaras well as the elements to unpack from Sephora, The body store, Elemis and NK Space. We’re excited about this year’s glow-in-the-dark spectacular Diptych calendarand as always hoping someone buys us the Jo Malone London Example.

Are Advent Calendars Really Worth It?

In a word: yes. Even if you choose to walk into your local supermarket and buy something as simple as a Classic Cadbury, there’s something exciting about enjoying a treat every morning of the month. In terms of creating excitement for Christmas, opening the window of an Advent calendar ranks up there with choosing a Christmas tree and putting up decorations. Now, we definitely think you should buy a classic chocolate calendar, but we’re also here to recommend that you treat yourself – or someone else – to a more upscale morning surprise.

While even the sugar rush of opening makes Advent calendars worth it in our eyes, many luxury examples also promise incredible savings – just look at the Liberty Advent Calendar, which costs £245 but contains over £1,000 worth of designer goods. It’s the same story in many of these festive bundles, including Molton Brown, Missoma and Doctor Barbara Sturm. In short, investing in an Advent calendar in 2022 guarantees both a feeling of childlike excitement and very smart economies.

What are the best Advent calendars for 2022?

You can see our quick picks below, but we want you to know in more detail why we’re so excited about these particular advent calendars. As always, the Liberty calendar is about to sell out, with queues at their beauty salon all but inevitable, though we also expect this year Spectacular diptych to be out of stock extremely quickly too. Old Faithfuls like Fortnum & Mason charmed us both with their classic and timber house Advent calendars, while Hotel Chocolate promises a classic December experience with a premium twist. Some of the more unusual examples that caught our eye this year include LoveHoney’s sex toy pack, Lego Star Wars model boxAnd one Advent calendar just for licorice lovers. Whether you want to share the love by gifting something extraordinary before the day has even arrived, or just want to treat yourself, a luxury advent calendar is sure to impress.