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Best calendar apps for macOS and iOS devices


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Check out the best calendar apps for macOS and iOS devices

Calendars don’t need to be complicated; after all, a paper planner can do the job. The best calendar app combines the timeless simplicity of a paper calendar with advanced features that make it even easier to track appointments.

But productivity apps that don’t match your workflow can irritate you, so it’s important to find a native macOS app. Keyboard shortcuts, notifications, and even non-native looking user interfaces can be annoying, which is the last thing you want when planning your time.

We’ve rounded up the best calendar apps and learned a lot while doing it. Now we are focusing exclusively on the macOS calendar. We’ve tested all of the best calendar apps, on and off the Mac App Store, and only the best have come out.

Apple Calendar

The Apple Calendar leans toward the thinner side of the feature pack, offering the essentials and nothing else. But it does so with traditional Apple flair and attention to detail, which means if you’re looking for a simple calendar app that just does the job, this should be what you need. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for users with more advanced requirements, as Apple Calendar is certainly not the most feature-rich app of its kind, and the free price doesn’t make up for it either.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft is planning some useful updates to its Outlook app for iOS in the coming weeks. If you are an iPad user, Outlook is about to start supporting Split View, so you can open your mailing list with your calendar. Drag-and-drop support is also on the way, so soon you’ll be able to drag links or text from a browser window into an Outlook draft email.

Along with the additions to the iPad, Outlook for iOS is finally getting Do Not Disturb. It’s been available on Android for what seems like an eternity, and its introduction on iOS will include the ability to customize work hours and days. Do Not Disturb will turn off email notifications on a scheduled basis, or even just by selecting an option like “Until tomorrow” if you don’t feel like responding to work emails at all hours of the night. .


It is the best designed calendar app for macOS. Start with the left panel – most apps place a list of mostly unnecessary calendars here. not spectacular. Here, this space is used for the calendar view or your reminders. It’s a small thing, but it shows how much the developers have thought through every design element to make Calendar intuitive to use. One last little thing: if a similar event appears on two calendars, it will only appear once, with a striped pattern telling you that it is on two different calendars. Use Fantastic for a while and you’ll see all kinds of little things like this.

Adding an appointment is quick – hit the plus button and start typing. There is natural language processing with animated comments in real time, which shows very clearly how natural language processing works. There is also an extended menu bar icon which takes you to the right panel of the main interface. It supports syncing with iCloud, Exchange, Office 365, Google, Yahoo, Fruux, Meetup, and any CalDAV service, so you have almost countless sync options. The only downside to Fantastic is the high price tag, but Fantastic can pay off if you spend a lot of time on a schedule.


Itsycal is not a complete calendar app, but it is free and better than the default calendar app. Itisicle has a large menu bar, where the icon shows you the current date. Once you click on the icon button, you will get a miniature calendar, a perfect reference tool. You can configure a global keyboard shortcut to see this icon. Below the calendar you will see your appointments and you can even use the keyboard to find the date. From here you can also quickly add appointments to your calendar.

It’s certainly a small addition to Apple’s Calendar app, but it lets you quickly check your appointments. And it’s pretty customizable – there’s a dark theme and a light theme, for example, and you can change the icons to include the month and day of the week. You can also set a calendar, which is great when you need to refer to it while composing an email or note. If you find any of them useful, please give this app a try as there is no reason to object to the price.

Calendar 366

Calendar 366 II is one of the best calendars for Mac. You can only manage your calendars with this app, although it mainly serves as an Apple Calendar plugin that you use for all data. You can open Calendar by clicking the icon in the menu bar or by using a global keyboard shortcut. Adding tasks is quick, thanks to natural language processing, and you can view your appointments in different ways.

The default calendar view is placed in the monthly calendar, but other views are also available: year, month, week, week with calendar and even the current day. And everything related to the application is customizable. For example, there are different color schemes and you can change the font and layout as you like. The menu bar item can be an icon or replace the system clock. It’s a great addition to Apple’s calendar, but it can also replace it completely depending on your workflow.

Woven calendar

Woven is a powerful calendar app that lets you plan, schedule, and manage all of your events right from your calendar, eliminating the need for third-party planning tools. The best features include: finding people’s availability directly from the calendar, group surveys, scheduling sharing links for booking events, the ability to sync multiple calendars from different apps and accounts, real-time analyzes, models.

People love Woven because it’s a powerful calendar app that lets you manage all aspects of your work and private life, all in one place. The seamless video integration makes it incredibly easy to manage video events with Zoom or Google Hangout, making it an essential tool for busy professionals around the world.

Final words: Best calendar apps for macOS and iOS devices

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