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Best Chocolate Advent Calendars for Christmas 2020 at All Prices | London Evening Standard



ou don’t need an excuse to treat yourself daily, but the holiday season offers one in the form of chocolate advent calendars.

Advent calendars have made giant strides in recent years with an extensive offering covering all types of products; beauty, alcohol, stationery and socks, there really is an advent for all.

But while we’re big fans of these alternate iterations, chocolate has always been and always will be a staple of our pre-Christmas celebration.

We firmly believe in the idea of ​​having fun, and no more than during the most beautiful time of the year. To help you out, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to bring you the most dreamlike, delicious, and decadent advent calendars we can find as you count down to the big day.

Whatever Christmas 2020 has in store – locked away or tucked away within our families – make this December the best by having a delicious piece of chocolate to eat each morning.

Whether you choose to share with your family, friends, or loved ones – or just keep them to yourself (hey, why not?), We’ve rounded up the best chocolate calendars for you to feast on this Christmas.

Buy more of the best advent calendars for Christmas 2020:

Less than £ 50

Peter Marcolini Advent Calendar 2020

The luxury chocolatier is back with a lavish chocolate advent calendar this Christmas. The 24 display box offers a selection of iconic confections as well as creations of the new season: think dark chocolate with hazelnut praline, raspberry hearts and dark chocolate with pistachio and caramel praline. Paradise.

The hot chocolate advent calendar for two

After the huge success of the Whittard Hot Chocolate Calendar last year, tea connoisseurs are back but for 2020 the selection is even greener than before. For 24 days, you will be entitled to one of the brand’s new or signature flavors. Think Rocky Road, mint, salted caramel, orange, sticky caramel pudding and peanut butter among many others. The box is adorned with a stunning Art Deco design and can be reused for next year. While it’s designed for two with 48 bags wrapped in the windows, who says you have to share?

Michel Cluizel Moonlight Kingdom Chocolate Advent Calendar

Experience the excitement of Christmas Day with this luxury calendar from Parisian chocolatier Michel Cluizel. Advent contains delicious bites of the finest dark, milk or white chocolate with unique and innovative flavor combinations. Exotic fruits, pralines, ganache, caramel, crispy pieces, spices and original chocolate are among the sumptuous surprises that you will find hidden behind each of the 24 display cases.

Charbonnel Assortment of fine milk and dark chocolates and truffles

For a truly gourmet countdown to Christmas, look no further than Charbonnel and Walker for their signature selection of milk and dark chocolates and truffles in advent form. Each print will reveal the chocolate goodness, while the box itself is adorned with a beautifully illustrated design.

Fondant Chocolate Advent Calendars

The Notting Hill-based chocolate maestro offers not one but two advent calendars filled with the brand’s artisan chocolates. The pre-Christmas luxury treats are both adorned with a beautiful design. The first resembles the typical facade of historic West London houses with custom made dark chocolate, milk, almond and fruit treats behind each of the 24 windows. The second with a mix of 12 almost too good to eat milk or dark chocolates was designed by Lisa Jones to feature a reindeer on a red background. The latter contains a seasoned piece of almond, praline, orange, spices and raspberry to name a few.

Under £ 25

Lindt Teddy 3D Chocolate Advent Calendar

You can always count on Lindt for an indulgent treat and as the holiday season approaches it’s all on indulgence. This advent of the Swiss chocolate maker is shaped like a 3D plush toy with 24 little Santa Claus, reindeer, creamy snowdrops and Lindor truffles.

Godiva Chocolate Advent Calendar

Kick off the holiday season with a little sparkle from the Godiva Advent Calendar. It welcomes the brand’s delicious mouth-watering Belgian chocolates with 24 tasty treats for every day before the big one. The expert chocolatier offers a combination of rich black, milk and white in the shape of Christmas characters like Santa Claus, snowmen and penguins. The three flavors are: Sujet Noir – dark chocolate with a center of vanilla ganache; Subject Milk – milk with creamy ganache; and White Subject – white with hazelnut and hazelnut praline. You will also find the fan favorite milk chocolate almond and dark chocolate Squares.

Love Cocoa British Icons Ethical Chocolate Advent Calendar

For an adult option with a lot of wit and patriotism, Love Cocoa is delivering its British Icons Advent Calendar for the first time this year.

Filled with 24 decadent chocolates ranging from Dark Chocolate Gin & Tonic and Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate to Dark Chocolate Truffles, the A3-sized box is covered with illustrations of our best-known and beloved Britons, from Shakespeare to Spice Girls.

The calendar is not only made from sustainably sourced palm oil-free chocolate, but it’s also completely plastic-free and recyclable.

The icing on the cake ? Each sale will see three trees planted as part of the “Plant A Tree” brand’s commitment to fight deforestation.

Harrods Glow-in-the-Dark Candy Advent Calendar

Harrods launched something very special this year to tickle all taste buds – young and old. It’s filled to the brim with sugary treats like candy canes, sparkling sherbets, and jazzies so you never know what you’re going to get – but you know it’s going to be good. In the evening, the box will be an integral part of your Christmas decorations and will have an extra magical touch as it glows in the dark. There is also a dark chocolate iteration.

Less than £ 10

MALTESERS Truffles Advent Calendar

It’s still one of the most sought-after chocolates in a Celebrations box and now Truffle Maltesers will take center stage in a designated Advent calendar filled with 24 of the delicious milk chocolate truffles. Each piece is filled with chocolate and honeycomb with a melt-in-your-mouth consistency.

M&S Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar

M&S took their best-selling treat bags and turned them into an advent calendar. Think chunks of peanut butter and caramel, sea salt fudge bites, mini whips, caramel-filled buttons and a very special XXL surprise on Christmas Day.

Dairy Milk Chunk Advent Calendar

Countdown to Christmas the best way we know how – with delicious Cadbury’s chocolate every day. This new calendar from the beloved chocolatier is designed to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth with individually wrapped Dairy Milk chunks, caramel chunks and nutty whole milk chunks.

Divine Chocolate Advent Calendars

At Divine, you have the choice between two irresistible advent calendars, depending on whether you are a fan of milk chocolate or dark chocolate. With an elegantly designed exterior, the Divine Creamy Dark Chocolate Calendar accommodates 70 percent rich cocoa with a smooth flavor and is vegan. It comes with a fun fact related to animals. The Milk Chocolate Divine Advent Calendar is designed for all ages with a delicious milky treat. Both iterations are Fairtrade, palm oil free and natural.