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Best Ramadan Advent Calendars 2021


he holy month of Ramadan is underway – Muslims around the world refrain from eating and drinking from dawn until dusk. Fasting is one of the pillars of Islam, with Ramadan serving as a time for reflection, sacrifice, empathy and self-control. Quick breaks after sunset with Iftar offering a chance to refuel with your household or support bubble.

Children, the elderly and pregnant or breastfeeding women are exempt from the fast, which ends this year on May 12: Eid-al-Fitr.

Eid, one of the biggest religious events on the Islamic calendar, is a time of festive celebration – this year, with the Covid restrictions in mind, of course. A breathtaking feast is prepared, wishes exchanged and gifts offered.

This year, we spotted a new emerging trend, led by Insta beauty queen, Huda Kattan. The Dubai-based brand has released a limited-edition Ramadan advent calendar for the countdown to the big day. Filled with beauty bestsellers, each box offers a new product to be coveted in the 10 days leading up to Eid.

Others also jumped at the idea; from sweets to DIY options, here are the best Ramadan calendars we’ve spotted so far.

Advent Calendar for Ramadan Gifts House of Huda

Find a selection of 10 Huda approved products nestled in this limited edition box set. Expect beauty bestsellers from across the Huda Empire: Wishful, Huda Beauty, and Kayali – see the full list below. Enjoy them the evening after Iftar.

Beauty Huda
  • WISHFUL Yo Glow Enzymatic Scrub, 40 ml
  • WISHFUL Honey Balm Moisturizing Jelly, 27 g
  • WISHFUL anti-thirst cocoon mask
  • WISHFUL yellow headband
  • KAYALI Rollerball Vanilla & Kayali Musk, 2 x 5ml
  • KAYALI Gold Rolling Travel Case
  • Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Bombshell
  • Huda Beauty Silk Balm Mini Gloss, 3 ml
  • Mascara Legit Lashes Huda Beauty in Very Vanta
  • Huda Beauty Haze Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Sand

Rita Farhi Ramadan Advent Calendar

End your evening meal on a sweet note thanks to the luxury confectioner Farhi, who imagined this pretty box of Advent-shaped chocolates for Ramadan 2021. young and old.


Ramadan wooden countdown calendar – Mosque

If you like the idea of ​​creating your own calendar filled with a selection of goodies for a loved one, head over to Etsy, the home of unique, handmade products. This wooden calendar is inspired by a mosque and is carved with intricate designs around the 30 prints. Order now for free delivery.


Milk chocolate ramadan countdown calendar

Following the style of a traditional Christmas advent calendar, this inexpensive and cheerful design is full of little chocolates to enjoy in the days leading up to Eid.