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Best sustainable advent calendars for Christmas 2021



he real excitement for a big event is often in the preparation, which is why, as we sail into the end of another year, sales of advent calendars are skyrocketing. The gift of the day has always been designed to increase vertigo as we get closer to December 25th, and they’ve gone from simple boxes full of bite-sized pieces of chocolate to wrappers full of miniature gin, beauty bestsellers and even stationery to discover behind scalloped windows.

Yet as we collectively embrace the modern three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), there is a way to join in the Christmas tradition in a way that won’t cost the Earth.

How? ‘Or’ What? Choose a beautifully designed wooden calendar that you can fill out every year, suitable for children and adults. The cleverly made boxes are timeless pieces destined to become family heirlooms, to be rediscovered with joy by the new generations of gourmets.

From hygge woodland scenes to awesome designs, there are styles of all kinds available that you can fill with an abundance of your own surprises. They’re ideal for parents who want to make sure their little one gets an educational or age-appropriate gift – or just something healthier than chocolate every day.

The headband? They offer great value in that you only have to replace gifts every December, rather than shell out for a whole new advent calendar.

They are not just for children; Reusable wooden adventures are also a great concept for adults, allowing you to enjoy a cornucopia of bespoke goodies every day while counting until Christmas.

Shop of our favorites for children and lower for adults

Best children’s wooden advent calendars

Shooting Star Snowy Village 24 Day Advent Calendar by Clever Creations

Clever creations

We can’t imagine that there isn’t a kid (or come to think of it, most adults) who wouldn’t be floored to get this calendar on December 1st. It’s beautifully detailed, topped with a classic Christmas village diorama and a giant shooting star crested by none other than Saint Nick and his reindeer.

Crafted from high quality sturdy wood and battery operated, this is a heirloom piece that will give you years of untold enjoyment.

Measures 17 x 4 x 17.25 inches.

Advent calendar wooden house

Creative hobbies

For a very unique advent calendar, Hobbycraft offers this house shaped case with 24 drawers to paint and decorate to your liking. Involve the little ones in creating their own Advent calendar with paint, fabric samples, buttons and sequins. They will love it even more if they participated in its creation.

Large 3D Gingerbread House Advent Calendar

Land of toys

Super cute and with more than a few retro stripes, this is the kind of calendar you can imagine seeing in a classic ’80s Christmas movie. Finished to look like a quintessential gingerbread house, there are 24 windows behind which you will leave your surprises before the big day.

Woodland Christmas Advent Calendar

Great Little Trading Co

This beautiful calendar replaces the opening of small gifts every day with the simple pleasures of decorating the wooden tree with ornaments. Perfect for small children who may be too young to appreciate a traditional calendar, this is an elegant piece that will bring a festive vibe to any nursery.

Melissa & Doug Countdown to Christmas

Melissa & Doug

Let the kids revel in the joy of Christmas with this cheerful wooden advent from Melissa & Doug. Toddlers can count back to daylight by placing 24 magnetic ornaments on the tree, one each day until December 25.

Rechargeable Christmas Advent Calendar Wooden Decoration Countdown


Amazon has a huge selection of fun advent calendars, from 12-day sleigh-shaped calendars to post-modern Christmas trees with 24 windows for gifts. They are so beautifully made that they can also serve as Christmas decorations for every room in your home.

Best wooden advent calendars for adults

Wooden Advent Calendar for Townhouse


Take charge for the Advent calendar this Christmas with this charming design available at Lights4Fun. There are only three drawers in this one, so choose your treats wisely or just fill them up every three days for your recipient. It’s more of a festive decoration than a real calendar, but its timeless Dickensian look and exquisite craftsmanship means you’ll achieve it year after year.

Wooden Rechargeable Advent Gin Christmas Tree

The little boys’ room

If the idea of ​​a gin advent calendar tickles you enough to know what you want each year, invest in this Christmas tree-shaped wooden structure.

It comes with 24 mini bottles of flavored or plain gin, but the best thing about it is that the tree is made of wood so it can be stored until Christmas 2021, when you can again count down to big day by taking the gin again. Simply fill the holes with 5cl bottles of your favorite spirit.

Wooden House Scene LED Advent Calendar


Equipped with golden fairy lights, this calendar is meant to be the centerpiece of your holiday decor. Numbered boxes surround a finely carved woodland scene and all boxes measure the same size except box 24 which is larger and allows you to pack a particularly exciting prize to discover on the eve of the big day.

Rechargeable Advent Calendar for Dogs

The little boys’ room

Treat man’s best friend to the best festive treat he could wish for with this wooden Advent calendar that features one dog treat a day until Christmas. It comes with a personalized white ceramic bone decoration which is perfect for hanging on the tree for future Christmases once all the goodies have been grabbed. The cookies are all made with natural ingredients and should be easy to replace for reuse on the calendar for years to come.