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Best tea advent calendars to give away in 2021

The cold is setting in and, if you’re like me, you’re not looking for a hot toddy or stout beer or hot chocolate to warm you up. Looking for tea. It’s the ultimate comfort drink all year round, but it’s especially useful when the temperature drops. A cup of black tea helps start the day, ginger or lemon tea soothes a sore throat, a matcha latte serves as an afternoon pick-me-up, and a steaming cup of chamomile helps relax after a long day. It’s the perfect drink and for that reason it’s the perfect gift.

If you have a tea fanatic in your life, treat them to daily tea with these advent calendars. Fill your cup with holiday-themed flavors, international blends and classic versions this winter.

Price: $ 59

The stunning pyramid-shaped tea bags from Tea Forte arrive in an even larger pyramid, which vaguely resembles a Christmas tree sprinkled with snow. The packaging is beautiful, but what is more special are the teas inside. This set includes 24 different tea bags in warm holiday flavors like cherry marzipan, green tea infused with the flavors of almond nutty and complemented with a tangy cherry; raspberry ganache, which looks like tea for dessert; and cinnamon-spiced ginger plum. You can also expect a few classics, like English tea for breakfast and a winter chai.

Price: $ 40 to $ 52

This entry is a three for one. Each year I look forward to new David Tea Advent Calendars because each one offers something completely different. There’s a matcha version that features holiday flavors like maple, gingerbread, and pumpkin pie, along with classic dishes like strawberry and vanilla matcha. There is an herbal tea version for those with a caffeine sensitivity that offers holiday blends like apple cider and caramel shortbread. And then there’s the regular tea advent calendar which features black, green, and herbal teas with cheerful flavors like fireside mocha and roasted chestnuts. Buy one or all three.

Price: $ 32

The Palais de Thés advent calendar lets you go on a world-inspired tea journey in the comfort of your own home. There’s a Balinese and Brazilian detox blend, an English-inspired black tea named after Big Ben, a black tea from Yunnan, and more. Give this advent calendar to the tea lover in your life with the urge to travel.

Price: $ 59.99

Vahdam Teas Advent Calendar teas are handpicked and handpicked in India before they reach you. This set includes 24 mini tins of loose tea ranging from oolong to darjeeling, but there are especially lots of turmeric and chai blends, so if you are looking for warm and spicy flavors this set is for you. The packaging is so neat that you’ll definitely want to save the boxes for storing future spice blends or demerara sugar.

Price: $ 65

The Germany-based Paper & Tea Advent Calendar is covered in whimsical illustrations cute enough to display. The set includes 24 biodegradable tea bags in breakfast mixes, herbal teas and green varieties. So during the three weeks you will brew new teas and you will never be bored.

Price: $ 21.65

Pukka’s tea advent calendar this year is all about herbal teas, so get it for your tea-drinking friend who tends to avoid caffeine (although be aware that there are black and green teas. here). Pukka really leans into the holiday vibe, so expect anise, peppermint, and vanilla teas.