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Best Vegan Advent Calendars 2020: Dark and White Chocolate Varieties


You’re never too old to enjoy the festive feeling of enthusiastically opening the first door of your new chocolate advent calendar – and in 2020, there’s no need to suffer from Fomo if you’re a vegan. or lactose intolerant.

It is believed that there are over a million vegans living in the UK today, and that number is expected to rise as the movement for sustainability gathers pace.

In response, savvy food brands have gone smart in the kitchen, creating creamy and compelling milk chocolate alternatives using plant-based ingredients like cocoa butter and rice powder.

Most of the advent calendars on our list are made by fully vegan brands. Others are filled with dark chocolate which we have verified to be dairy free.

We’ve tried and tested them all, looking for delicious chocolates, Christmas wrappers that travel well, and a touch of originality in an increasingly crowded market.

Thanks to veganism that is spreading, everyone can please their inner child in December.

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PLAYin Choc Organic Chocolate Advent Calendar

This charming plastic-free Advent calendar is designed to captivate kids, but we bet you’ll want one too. It includes 24 drawers each containing an organic vegan chocolate “m * lk”, a 3D cardboard toy to assemble and an educational card “fun facts”. The allergen-free chocolate is big, creamy, and delicious – our favorite milk chocolate alternative in the test – and there are 18 adorable woodland animals and six merry Christmas characters to check out. The beautifully illustrated pouch opens to a play mat and each drawer can be inverted to create a new image during the month of December. This box of wholesome, wholesome and delicious fun is well worth the price if you have a little extra cash to spare, especially since you can add your own chocolates and reuse them every year.

Hotel Chocolat advent calendar, dark

Hotel Chocolat earns a Gold Star for sculpting its 24 generously sized Advent chocolates into the detailed festive shapes of angels, reindeer, snowmen and more. There are two calendars suitable for vegans: 70% dark, listed here, and 100% dark for puritans addicted to chocolate. We tried both but preferred the former, finding the chocolate velvety, richly flavorful, and just the right level of sweetness. Go for the latter if you like smoked salted chocolate with no added sugar. The boxes open like a book to reveal an elegant white and silver snow landscape. Ours arrived in pristine condition and we enjoyed the chocolate jokes and trivia behind every door.

NOMO Vegan Advent Calendar

Dairy-free chocolate doesn’t have to be boring, as vegan, free brand NOMO (so you don’t miss a thing) has proven with this allergy-free advent calendar. Behind its 24 doors, you will find 12 salted caramels and 12 “milk” chocolate pastilles, none of which contains dairy products, eggs, nuts or gluten. Both tasted delicious and incredibly creamy, with a smooth texture that melted in our mouths. The tasteful winter wonderland design was our favorite in the test and will appeal to children and adults alike. The chocolates stayed securely in place during transport and the fully recyclable packaging arrived with minimal wrinkles.

Launch from October 5

Divine Fairtrade Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar

This 70% dark chocolate advent calendar is certified by the Vegan Society. Divine’s chocolate – including her milk chocolate – is fair trade, palm oil free, and natural as well, so the brand scores many eco-friendly brownie points. Divine’s Ghanaian cocoa farmers receive a share of the company’s profits, which allows them to invest in their families, farms and communities. Heart-shaped chocolates are cute, if not particularly festive, and the chocolate is smooth, earthy, and forgiving. We love the ethical / fair trade facts behind every door and the elegant red and gold packaging kept the chocolates in place during delivery.

Vegan choco advent selection box

We might be cheating slightly by presenting a few boxes of chocolates here, but there has been a vague attempt to make this one an advent calendar – including numbering a frosted leaf that sits above the 25 chocolates. (yes, there is one for Christmas day too). They are all vegan and handcrafted in Dorset, with a daily menu outlining each fresh chocolate. Expect to try the cashew based ‘milk’ chocolate and enjoy an unusual range of hard and soft toppings, honeycomb with agave nectar and marzipan guava puree with almonds. and dates soaked in cognac. The £ 25 price tag seems reasonable for the craftsmanship, high interest factor, and elegant presentation.

Livia’s Advent Calendar

The gluten-free and dairy-free brand Livia’s knows how to bring a touch of freshness to a classic. This unique 24-day Advent calendar is filled with 10 different goodies, including “nuggets” (fluffy cookie dough-style balls), “million squares” (a riff on the millionaire’s slice, based raw dark chocolate, date caramel and cookie) and our favorite, “dunx” (bites of oats with a nut butter dip). There is a surprise party recipe behind the last door that looks fun and easy to make with the kids. The jolly packaging is recyclable (although plastic packaging is not widely collected), but the box is bulky and the narrow windows make it difficult for the treats to take out easily.

Launch from October 5

Plamil so free vegan salted caramel advent calendar

This tasty new Advent calendar is filled with sweet and savory caramel chocolates. Made only from plant-based ingredients, it is dairy, gluten and nut free. Cocoa and rice combine for a smooth texture that rivals milk chocolate, with no cows involved. Our calendar arrived neatly wrapped, with none of the chocolates slipping out of their molds. We liked the cheerful design, with the smiling Santa, reindeer and elves. If salted caramel isn’t your jam, there are white and “milk” options as well.

Nono Cocoa Vegan Advent Calendar

These colorful little pieces of choco-art are handcrafted in London by people with special needs. They are free from the 14 major allergens, including dairy, eggs, and tree nuts, as well as artificial colors and preservatives. Opening this elegant numbered box is a feast for the eyes, revealing 24 different chocolates in a range of innovative and enticing flavors inspired by the founder’s autistic son and his need for sensory stimulation. Expect to taste raspberry and beetroot, mint mojito, apple cinnamon, chai latte and blood orange, all coated in organic raw chocolate. They behaved well at the station, with only minor damage to a chocolate.

Montezuma’s Vegan No-Udder Advent Calendar

Although not a fully vegan brand, Montezuma’s has an excellent vegan line that offers its organic milk chocolate alternative “like udderless”. Made with rice milk, it has the creamy smoothness of dairy products with a slightly fruity taste. The Bold and Bright Advent Calendar features 24 party-shaped chocolates. Unfortunately, ours fell off their molds and shook during transport, which meant we opened doors so that we couldn’t find anything behind them. But we can’t fault the chocolate inside, once you find it.

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