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Which whiteboard calendar is the best?

Whiteboard calendars, as the name suggests, combine two of the most useful organizational tools available into one simple item. Whether you’re planning your work schedule, sorting out monthly tasks, or even figuring out what errands you need to run for meals that week, a whiteboard calendar offers an easy, customizable way to keep your busy life on the right track. way.

The JILoffice Dry Erase Calendar Whiteboard is available in a variety of sizes and configurations, making it the perfect solution for people looking for the most customization possible in a whiteboard calendar. It features generous spacing, a magnetic surface, and high-quality construction.

What to know before buying a whiteboard calendar


The appropriate size for your whiteboard calendar will be determined by how you intend to use it. If your calendar is for personal use, smaller models will prove less bulky to read and easier to hang or store. However, if you intend to use your calendar in a public place where many people will need to view it remotely, or if you have a schedule that requires writing down many detailed tasks, you will want a larger model.


Some calendars present their schedules as a traditional grid, while others are more like lists with lines for text or tasks. Consider your calendar’s usage and audience to determine which layout will best suit your needs. Those that break the week down into seven separate lists, for example, work well for chores or errands. Some whiteboard calendars include lines for text in addition to their grid layout, although having both may require you to purchase a larger model than you prefer to comfortably write on. the calendar.


Place your calendar in a place where those who need to read it will find it easily accessible. Schedules for chores can be posted in the laundry room. Shopping lists or meal plans can be posted on the fridge. Calendars used for work are likely to be best placed in your home office or cubicle, with most featuring a magnetic backing that lets you easily stick them to your whiteboard, metal door, or existing device.

Time range

Select a calendar that displays a period of time suitable for your schedule. Business schedules are often drawn months in advance, so you can buy a whiteboard calendar that covers a quarter of the year or more. Calendars used for chores, especially if intended for children, may only need to display one week at a time. Consider how far you intend to plan and choose a schedule that will allow you to see your entire schedule at a glance. Some models allow you to view the whole year.

What to Look for in a Quality Whiteboard Calendar


While the space your calendar allows for writing is largely determined by the size of the unit itself, some models feature more generous day squares than others. Cramped calendars may be more convenient for smaller locations, but busy schedules can quickly make them difficult to read and edit.

Markers and accessories

Some whiteboard calendars include markers, magnets, and erasers to create a complete kit you can use to start getting organized right away. Even if you already own a whiteboard and the parts you need to use it, extra markers are always appreciated and these sets offer great value.

Hanging options

Many whiteboard calendars are fully magnetized, allowing them to stick to refrigerators or existing whiteboards. However, those who will be using their calendar on a bare wall will need to ensure that the unit they purchase can be hung appropriately. To make it easier for you, select a whiteboard schedule that includes all the hanging hardware needed for your needs.


Some whiteboard calendars also feature a cork strip that lets you use thumbtacks to post notes, lists, pictures, or even hang keys and other items from the board itself. While cork boards may seem like a throwback in today’s sleek, modern workspaces, they can add charm and warmth to a whiteboard calendar that’s used in your home decor, especially when adorned with family photos.


If you plan to use your whiteboard calendar for presentations that will take place in various locations, you’ll probably want to invest in a calendar that’s built into a mobile frame. Featuring casters and a reversible whiteboard, these desktop devices allow you to move your schedule to any space it needs viewing.

How much you can expect to spend on a whiteboard calendar

Most people will find quality whiteboard calendars in various sizes between $20 and $40. High-end glass whiteboard calendars can cost up to $100, and mobile units can cost around $200.

Whiteboard Calendar FAQ

How do I clean my whiteboard calendar?

A. Whiteboards are easily cleaned with a special whiteboard cleaner, glass cleaner or even just lukewarm water and a soft cloth. Avoid cleaners that leave a waxy or greasy residue, as this will significantly hamper your ability to write on the board. Do not use abrasive cleaners or harsh solvents on your whiteboard.

Do I need to use special markers on my whiteboard calendar?

A. Yes, only use dry erase markers on your whiteboard. Using the wrong type of marker on your board can cause permanent damage to your calendar.

Can I repair a damaged whiteboard calendar?

A. If the writing surface of your whiteboard calendar is scratched, chipped, or damaged, there’s not much you can do to fix it. The best course of action is to replace your whiteboard if the damage becomes too frustrating to work around or continues to spread.

What is the best whiteboard calendar to buy?

Top whiteboard calendar

JILoffice Dry Erase Calendar Whiteboard

What do you want to know: Available in multiple sizes, this generous whiteboard calendar is ideal for office use, thanks to its magnetic surface.

What you will love: This whiteboard calendar is available in many configurations, including one that includes a strip of corkboard along the bottom for pinning down papers and photos. Elegantly laid out with space to write notes, this calendar is ideal for monthly planning.

What you should consider: This model is high quality, but expensive. It also cannot be hung magnetically.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best whiteboard calendar for the money

Fridge Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar

Fridge Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar

What do you want to know: Compact, lightweight and magnetic, this calendar is excellent for home use.

What you will love: This calendar comes with a separate, smaller magnetic block for notes and is the perfect size for use in the kitchen. Ideal for chores or meal planning, this whiteboard calendar is clearly meant for today’s busy households.

What you should consider: This calendar is small and may be difficult for some users to write.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Yearly Glass Board Calendar

Yearly Glass Board Calendar

What do you want to know: For those who need to plan ahead, this calendar displays an entire year.

What you will love: Large and made from sleek, aesthetic glass, this calendar lets you view and plan an entire year. It includes mounting hardware and you can even order professional installation with your purchase.

What you should consider: This calendar’s generous schedule results in small day boxes that measure just 1.5 square inches, making it difficult to plan each day.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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