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Bhaskarabda will be added to the official Assam calendar


The local calendar is counted from the date of the ascension of Bhaskaravarman, the 7th century ruler of Kamrup and contemporary of Harshavardhana.

Bhaskarabda, an era reckoned from the date of the ascension of a local ruler in the 7th century, will be added to the Saka and Gregorian in the official calendar of the government of Assam.

This was decided during a meeting of Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma with officials from the Department of General Administration on October 18.

Bhaskarabda began when Bhaskaravarman was crowned ruler of the kingdom of Kamrupa. He was a contemporary and political ally of North Indian leader Harshavardhana.

“We have decided that in addition to Saka and Gregorian, Bhaskarabda will be used in the official calendar by the government of Assam. We also decided to have a thematic calendar each year, ”said Mr. Sarma.

The themes, he said, could be wildlife, plants, culture, cuisine, and other aspects of Assam.

Unlike the Gregorian, where a day begins at midnight, the Assamese calendar begins and ends at sunrise over 24 hours. While the Gregorian follows the solar cycle, the Saka and Bhaskarabda use a lunisolar system based on both the phases of the moon and the solar year.

The gap between Bhaskarabda and Gregorian is 593 years.