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Bonne Maman sells an Advent Calendar Jam for the Holidays

It’s the season to eat all the sweets, and my mouth watering just thinking of Bonne Maman’s jam advent calendar! Everyone knows that jam is the best part of a sandwich, toast, cracker or cookie. But did you know that it’s also the best part of the holiday season? The Limited Edition Bonne Maman 2021 Advent Calendar ($ 35) effortlessly combines rich, fruity tastes with the magic of Christmas.

The holidays are a great time to cook, celebrate and give gifts which makes this Advent calendar so wonderful. The festive calendar is a box with a richly illustrated holiday image on the front, with a scene of coffee and jam inside cozy near the Christmas tree – with beautiful jam ornaments. Open the box to see a beautiful winter wonderland, with a huge snowy tree in the center and a glittering holiday village. This scene is dotted with 24 numbered doors to help you count the days until Christmas, and each one contains a little jar of jam or honey that looks absolutely delicious.

And it’s not just any old jam either. The advent calendar will surprise and delight its lucky recipients with unique jam flavors such as cherry with hibiscus blossom, sweet orange and passion fruit, jasmine peach, wild blueberry with lemon balm, raspberry with rose , etc. Bake them in cookies, spread them on cookies, playfully enjoy a teaspoonful straight from the jar – whatever your preference, the sweet and creamy jelly and Bonne Maman honey will become the daily treat you most expect this season. festivals.

If you are thinking of purchasing this jam advent calendar, don’t delay. Bonne Maman cautions these calendars are selling out fast, so be sure to order soon. Imagine how many delicious treats you can make with 24 unique flavors of jam and honey! As you try out new sweet recipes, your neighbors, coworkers, and friends will be just as excited about your schedule as you are. And if the spreads taste as good as the Advent calendar looks, you’re sure to be in for a treat, too.


Bonne Maman Limited Edition 2021 Advent Calendar

Bonne Maman Limited Edition 2021 Advent Calendar

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