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‘Buffy’ Calendar Accidentally Features ‘Doctor Who’ Characters

Powers that have recently published a calendar based on buffy the vampire slayerthe ’90s supernatural action drama that put The WB (now The CW) on the map. buffy had a pretty ardent fandom at the time, so it’s no surprise that some fans wanted a calendar to remember Buffy, Spike, Giles, and the rest of the characters.

But imagine the confusion these fans had when they opened their brand new 2022 calendars to find not only their favorite buffy characters, but also an image of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor of Doctor Who … and one Doctor Who villain known as Dæmon, who first appeared in the long-running 1970s sci-fi series.

Entertainment journalist Alex McLevy posted a photo of the calendar on Twitter, much to the amusement of many people. “I want to thank the creators of the 2022 BUFFY THE VAMPIRE Slayer Calendar for obviously being dedicated and passionate fans of the show who can easily identify all of the most iconic characters,” McLevy joked.

Additionally, another Twitter user, Andy Lambert, recognized art. “This was fan art I did when Matt Smith was still the doctor, which shows[s] how old he is,” Lambert wrote. “It was made for fun and was part of a series of Doctor Who crossings. I stopped doing Doctor Who art because of shit like that – I didn’t do it to line someone else’s pockets.

Let’s be clear: the editor of 2022 buffy the vampire slayer calendar, which is a real thing you can buy for money, probably just googled “Buffy” and took the first picture that came up, not bothering to look up where it came from and get the rights to use it, or to care that it featured characters from a completely different series?

We are already looking forward to 2023 game of thrones calendar, with characters from i love lucy.