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Cactus Club confirms Vernon opening for 2022 – lake country calendar

Cactus Club on Water Street in downtown Kelowna. (photo Google Maps)

The Cactus Club confirms the opening of Vernon for 2022

Company representative says information is limited at this time

Once Temptasian announced it was shutting down in August, speculation quickly swirled about what might take its place along Anderson Way in Vernon.

Owner Gloria Robinson told the Morning Star that while she couldn’t release the name of the company that would be moving in, she said it would be a great fit for the space and for the community.

Speculation online indicated that the Keg, Montanas and Cactus Club were likely candidates.

Either of these assumptions may, in fact, be correct.

While communications director Tory Nash said information was limited at this time, Cactus Club is planning a location in Vernon for 2022.

Whether the restaurant will be located in the old Temptasian building remains to be confirmed.

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