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Calendar of upcoming ESO events in 2022

The calendar of events for elder scrolls online grows year by year as the community celebrates more and more past expansions alongside established in-universe holidays. There are several new holidays coming in 2022, such as the Daedric War Celebration which is derived from the Tribunal Celebration (which did not include Sunset).

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While few dates are set in stone yet, it’s very possible to speculate when recurring events will occur. elder scrolls onlinefor example, takes place around April 4 each year, while events like Heroes Reforged and Explorer’s Celebration are almost impossible to predict.


Updated on May 6, 2022 by Erik Petrovich: Although the year is almost halfway, there are still plenty of ESO 2022 events in store. The Jester’s Festival, Anniversary Event, and Mayhem of Whitestrake have passed, but events like the Witch’s Festival are coming up fast and DLC-specific celebrations are sure to be announced as well. In addition to the upcoming ESO events, 2022 will also see the introduction of the High Isle Chapter, which is sure to be accompanied by a Reforged event for free respecs and possibly a new Breton-themed vacation.

Daedric War Celebration: January 20 to February 1

The Daedra War Celebration commemorates the events of the Morrowwind, clockwork cityand Sunset chapters, all related to the invasion of Tamriel by three princes unrelated to Sotha Sil’s Daedric contract that prevents interference in Mundus. The event was called the Tribunal Celebration until this year, as it now includes Sunset which does not present any of the living gods.

The event is one of the few officially confirmed and will start on January 20, last 13 days and end on February 1. Players can collect Event Tickets for specific rewards, earn Daedric War Spoils Boxes for random rewards, and can expect to receive bonuses for looting and harvesting materials in each of the Chapter and DLC areas.

Whitestrake’s Mayhem: February 17 to March 1

Whitestrake’s Mayhem is a new name given to the Midyear Mayhem event in elder scrolls online. Whitestrake’s Mayhem will take players back to the PvP areas of the game, like Cyrodiil and the Imperial City, in a celebration of the divine crusader Pelinal Whitestrake’s victory over the ancient Ayleids.

During the event, players receive double Alliance Points as well as the chance to win Pelinal Boon Boxes which can contain a wide variety of useful items. This event occurs twice a year, although the date of the second has yet to be revealed.

Jester Festival 2022: March 31 to April 2

The Jester’s Festival is a celebration of all things silly that just aligns with the actual April Fool’s Day holiday. Fittingly, players can earn a variety of Jester-themed clothing and cosmetics as well as a variety of prank items, animal fragments, goofy designs and style pages, as well as a special item that doubles the experience.

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Unlike most events, the Jester’s Festival is only accessible outside of three towns: Daggerfall, Ebonheart, and Vulkhel Guard. Just be sure to complete the intro quest to get your event ticket boost.

Anniversary Jubilee 2022: April 7 to April 19

elder scrolls online was released on April 4, 2015, and over its nearly seven-year run has had many occasions to celebrate its own anniversary. Players automatically receive a huge XP boost during this event, but that’s not the only draw of this celebration.

Like many events, players can earn a special box containing the rewards from this event, called the Anniversary Jubilee Box. These contain an absolutely HUGE number of possible rewards, including countless crafting styles, furniture recipes and pattern pages as well as vast amounts of crafting materials. If nothing else, now is the perfect time to start a new character.

Year One Celebration: Fall

The first year of elder scrolls online saw the addition of Craglorn, the Imperial City and Wrothgar to Tamriel. For years, players have celebrated the approximate anniversary of this event around the fall, as the Orsinium DLC was added in September.

As such, this event is tied to the Craglorn party questing zone, the Imperial City PvP zone, and the Orc PvE province of Wrothgar. Playing in these areas nets special rewards, and while no date is set, players can probably expect this event to begin in early fall this year.

Witches Festival 2022: end of October

The Witches Festival is a fan-favorite holiday thanks to its spooky skins, patterns, and other cosmetics only available during the event. Additionally, players get an automatic 100% bonus to XP for its entire duration. During the Witches Festival, rewards are obtained from Plunder Skulls, which can drop a large number of haunted and spooky items.

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Furniture, costumes, pets, drinks and more are given a makeover by these skulls, which can drop from almost anything in ESO. This usually happens around Halloween time, and its combination of fun items, an open exploration and reward system, and of course the XP boost makes it one of Halloween’s most popular times. year for the game.

Indomitable Celebration 2022: late November/early December

The Celebration of the Indomitables is an event with the theme elder scrolls onlineThe iconic group of dungeon adventurers, who are associated with some of the best items in the game as well as some of the toughest trials. It happens at different times each year, and the 2022 date hasn’t been announced, but it’s more than likely to show up at some point as it’s been a mainstay of ESO‘s been happening for some time now.

During the Undaunted Celebration, players can earn Undaunted Keys along with a variety of other useful items from Undaunted Reward Boxes. These can only be earned from final bosses in Game Trials, although Event Tickets can also be earned from regular bosses to spend with the Impresario on animal shards, outfit styles, and even player accommodation.

New Life Festival 2022: early December

The New Life Festival is kind of a mix between Christmas and New Year, taking place at the end of the year to give new life to the next one. It can only be accessed at one location in Eastmarch, which makes sense given the area’s snowy landscape.

During this event, which usually runs from mid-December to early January, players can win New Life gift boxes containing a variety of themed keepsakes, hats, pets, furniture, and other merchandise. cosmetics that help warm up an otherwise frigid part of the year. . Like the Festival of Witches, expect to see a lot of players in-game this time of year.

Unconfirmed ESO Events

Several events in elder scrolls onlineThe past of has never happened again or is so uncertain that it is impossible to estimate when they might occur. Some events, like Skyrim’s Lost Treasures or Blackwood’s Bounties, could easily happen in 2022, but haven’t been around as long as more established events like Daedric Warfare or Year One Celebrations. Other events, like the Play For Free event or the Explorer’s Celebration, come out without notice throughout the year.

Events referencing a previous chapter

  • Clockwork Town Celebration
  • Daedric War Celebration
  • Morrowind Celebration
  • Murkmire Celebration
  • Orsinium Celebration
  • Pan Elsweyr Celebration
  • Sunset celebration
  • Court Celebration

elder scrolls online has a number of events tied to specific DLC releases for the MMO. These events don’t happen every year and are usually announced just a few weeks before they go live. Each of these events follows a similar formula that aims to bring players back to these areas in search of unique, DLC-specific items, cosmetics, and numbers of improved crafting materials among many other enticing rewards.


explorers party

The Explorer’s Celebration doubles player XP and gold from all sources and also doubles the number of crafting materials harvested throughout the game. The event is announced somewhat randomly throughout the game. year, and in 2022, the Explorer’s Celebration took place alongside the launch of the rising tide DLCs. There could be a second this year, as there were two in 2021, but no one knows exactly when.

Reforged Heroes/Champions

Heroes Reforged and Champions Reforged are events that tend to go live alongside the release of a major DLC or chapter. During Champions Reforged, players can respec their Champion Points for free, and during Heroes Reforged players can respec their Attributes, Skills, and Champion Points for free. Heroes Reforged occurs less frequently than Champions Reforged, as it is a strict upgrade.

ESO Event Play for Free

Multiple times throughout its 8 year lifespan elder scrolls online held a Play For Free event, inviting players to try the game for free. Although ESO Plus has many benefits as a monthly subscription, such as free access to DLC, most elder scrolls online is playable after a one-time purchase for the base game itself. The ESO Play For Free event removes that barrier for a short time and usually comes with a sale on the base game and major DLCs. In 2022, there was already a Play For Free event that ran from April 14 to April 26.

The Elder Scrolls Online is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S.

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