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Colleges advised to follow calendar of events and wait for NEP program

Many college principals opposed the implementation of NEP this year because they have already started classes

The government has warned unassisted private colleges that action will be taken against them if they do not meet the schedule of events. Although colleges are officially scheduled to begin the admissions process for the 2021-2022 academic year on August 23, many have already completed it.

Higher Education Minister CN Ashwath Narayan on Wednesday asked private college principals to follow the government’s calendar of events which says they may reopen in October as a new curriculum is to be developed as part of national policy education (NEP). However, many college principals raised objections to the implementation of the NEP this year, citing that they had already started classes.

Addressing the directors of 300 colleges in Bangalore during the national seminar “Implementation of NEP-2020-A Road Map”, organized on Wednesday by the University of North Bengaluru in association with Kristu Jayanti College (autonomous), the minister said: say it is not possible to implement the NEP this academic year because they have already completed admissions. But we want to know on what basis they did this even before the admissions schedule was released by the government. “

He added that this year, each institution is to proceed with admissions using the University College Unified Management System from August 23.

While the principals of many autonomous colleges said they were not required to follow the government calendar of events, KR Venugopal, vice chancellor of the BU, said The Hindu that the autonomous colleges have yet to wait for the state government to come up with a new NEP-compliant program. “So the colleges can’t start classes now,” he said.

P. Pradeep, commissioner, Department of College and Technical Education, said NEP focuses on skills development among students.