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Costco’s Wine and Beer Advent Calendars are back for the 2021 holidays

The holidays may seem like a long way off, considering we haven’t even celebrated Halloween. Still, it’s never too early to start preparing, and I don’t just want to cross out those necessary gift purchases. Also start filling up on alcohol. You know you will need it.

Right on time, Costco is bringing back its wine (and prosecco and beer) advent calendars so you can count until Christmas getting drunk. And while it might still seem a little premature, you need to remember that these suckers sell out fast and you need to get them while they’re still in stock.

The Beers of Cheer Advent Calendar, which features 24 cans of German beer, hits stores in October, while the 24-Day Wine Advent Calendar arrives this month. Costco also stocks shelves with collections of six-day sparkling wines and four-day Bordeaux wines.

“We didn’t develop this idea, but we sized it up by Costco,” Costco wine buyer Kirk Johnson said in a blog post. “We’ve enlarged and improved this item by using half bottles instead of the standard 187 milliliter bottles you see in other packaging. We’ve also rounded up 24 unique premium wines to create a scavenger hunt for our members. . “

The gift set, which you can obviously also buy for yourself, includes wines from France, Italy and Spain, as well as smaller wine regions of Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal and Hungary.

“Each year we taste hundreds of wines in order to reach the final assortment,” Johnson added. “Our goal is to make the pack a fun and interactive discovery of wines from around the world. Each wine has a short video describing it and the region it is from. Members can go to for more information . “

Megan Schaltegger is a writer for Thrillist.