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Dave Chappelle to require COVID-19 testing to attend Michigan shows

If you’ve never had the chance to see Dave Chappelle, now is your chance. The the actor has just announced that he’ll be doing four concerts next week in Michigan. But be prepared to submit to a COVID-19 test, as all members of the audience will be required to submit to the screening.

The impromptu announcement came today (Monday 8/2), as the Filmore Theater in Detroit prepares for its first post-pandemic shows.

Chappelle will give two shows on Tuesday August 10 and one show every day on Wednesday and Thursday August 11 and 12. Tickets are on sale at Ticketmaster. Click on this link for screenings and to purchase tickets.

In addition to a quick COVID-19 test, guests will also be asked to forgo their cellphones, smartwatches, and all other type of audio / video recording equipment.

Chappelle has always been tough on not allowing cell phones in his broadcasts. But in recent years, he’s asked guests to slip their devices into “Yondr” pockets that are locked before entering the auditorium. You will keep your phone (in the pouch) throughout the show, but you will only be able to unlock it outside of the performance area.

After attending one of Dave’s shows a few years ago at Flint’s Whiting Auditorium, let me share a little unsolicited tip. Leave your damn phone in the car. It’s much less complicated than taking care of the lines and the Yondr cover.

Ironically, it was at the Filmore Theater in Detroit that Chappelle left fans very disappointed in 2015. Many fans called the performance “drunken disaster.” Chappelle later admitted he smoked weed before the show and said the potency of the marijuana was greater than he was used to.

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