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When life throws lemons at you, you make lemonade. When the pandemic slammed French Kiss Events with empty plates, they created “The Proper Table,” featuring wonderful table settings with all the trimmings from flowers to food. Necessity proves time and time again to be the mother of invention.

The wedding industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Wedding cancellations and postponements have hit many businesses and people.

But the people who were able to innovate, like the founder and wedding planner of French Kiss Events, Barb Walker, were a little bruised but not beaten.

Barb and her partner Shara Jawl created The Proper Table in April 2020, when the pandemic caused restaurants to close and couples to cancel or postpone weddings or elope. This gave the women the idea to set up table arrangements and collaborate with others to deliver the full meal directly to homes. Couples who chose to stay home instead of “thinking big” always had a way to celebrate in style.

The Proper Table offers carefully selected table settings, literally taking the stress off your plate. And add-ons elevate the experience to an incredible home celebration.

“Then when the restrictions were eased, we got calls to [help with] outdoor family celebrations such as barbecues. And that’s when we had the idea for our Supper Series,” says Barb.

The Proper Table’s Supper series is based on food-focused destinations, she explains, adding that by partnering with Toque Catering and other local businesses, the Supper series can “take you anywhere in the world without leaving home”.

“I once had an amazing weekend in New York, and Spanish tapas style is my favorite way to dine. And Shara traveled through Japan on her honeymoon,” Barb laughs. “So, our personal experiences and culinary tastes begin the menu process and Chef de Toque works with our original ideas.”

And to enhance the atmosphere, the table setting, the flowers and the decoration are also inspired by the destination.

“We went to New York, Japan, Hawaii and France with Supper Series, without leaving home,” says Tara Carere, customer. “I loved this idea, not only because we missed going out with friends to restaurants, but also because it was put together by two amazing local women who involved and supported many vendors affected by the crisis. pandemic.”

From 12 bookings, one weekend a month, Barb says, they sold out all the events.

Now they’re happy to accommodate a few dozen extra orders per event (but booking sooner rather than later is always recommended).

“The first time I booked the Supper Series was on a date with my husband Matt and it was so much fun,” Tara says. “We put the kids to bed and spent the night to ourselves.”

Earlier in the day, she says, Proper Table delivered three bins containing beautiful cutlery, candles and flowers. There was also a mix of cocktails from Twist of Fate Craft Cocktails ( – orders can include liquor or wine.

“Heating food is simple,” says Tara. “Everything is labeled and you understand the order of the menu. We took our time and spent three or four hours on our dinner date. Matt said the best part was the lack of dishes: when you’re done, you scrape up the plates and put them back in the trash. They insist on no rinsing or washing.

The Supper Series event that Tara and Matt enjoyed on a Valentine’s Day involved their children, ages four and six.

“We made them mac and cheese served on Proper Table plates and we all got dressed. It was so civilized that the kids showed up with exceptional table manners. Our daughter followed the instructions and set the table.

Last summer, with more freedom to see people, Tara invited three couples to join them outdoors for the series’ French Provence theme.

“Barb and Shara even provided flowers to fit a longer table – it was beautiful,” she says. “We will continue with the Supper Series after the pandemic.”

The latest Supper series was inspired by the famous restaurants Barb and Shara visited.

For those of us who can’t dine at Thomas Keller’s Per Se or Eleven Madison Park in New York, or Gjelina in California, we can still enjoy the best thing from the comfort of home.

Story reprinted with kind permission from Boulevard Magazine, a publication of Black Press Media

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