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DU University Societies Virtually Reset Their Calendars | Latest Delhi News

The joy of students at the gradual reopening of the University of Delhi (DU) and the resumption of offline activities for various university societies seems to have been short-lived. With Omicron and the resurgence of Covid-19 cases in the city, the activities of university societies have been pushed back to the virtual world.

Until some time ago, members of Verbum – the English drama society of Sri Venkateswara College – regularly organized face-to-face meetings. Now they have moved to a virtual calendar for the next few months. “We’ve transitioned to conducting virtual workshops and trainings,” explains Arya Ray, the company’s president, adding, “In addition to improv games for acting, we have writing workshops for scenario as well as sessions on technique (lights and sound) and production (scenography, costumes, props) aspect of the pieces For the moment, we are not working on any virtual games.

The Finance and Investment Unit of the Shri Ram College of Commerce also used digital coaching sessions. Sanya Madan, president of the company, shares: “After an online initiation, we have the mentor group meeting, where the juniors will find their mentors. Instead of physical interactions, they will connect through video calls. We have already started sessions on the Shri Ram Financial Forum, where industry speakers will host virtual sessions with our members.

In order not to be held back by the virus, students who engage in social work have also taken a digital detour. Mansi Rathore, a final year student from Miranda House, says: “Students from the Connecting Dreams Foundation – an NGO affiliated with Miranda House – used to go for field work such as distributing sanitary napkins and teaching disadvantaged. But their outings had to be interrupted due to the pandemic situation. Currently, they are planning a virtual fundraiser. What if we can’t get out? We can still do our part for society.

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