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Empty Advent calendars leave parents angry as chocolate company issues statement

Empty advent calendar windows angered parents when the responsible chocolate company spoke out.

Moms and dads stood livid after opening the windows to find nothing.

The creators of Tony’s Chocolonely Countdown Calendar confirmed: “Things are not shared evenly in the chocolate supply chain.

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“As a result, farmers are forced to live in poverty. And this leads to illegal child labor and modern slavery.”

His chocolate was missing from one of the display cases – much to the children’s dismay – and the company confirmed it was a stunt.

The company said: “Unfortunately, we haven’t taken into account the difficulties blank windows can cause for neurodivergent children and adults.

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“We have more to learn to determine how we can make our products as inclusive as possible.

“At Tony’s, we use our products to tell the story of an industry unevenly divided and full of inequality.”

They added: “Our intention was to raise awareness of the problem, because only when people are aware that there is a bitter side to the chocolate industry can they choose more consciously and demand changes from big chocolate companies that perpetuate the problem.

“We have received several hundred calls, emails and social media messages over the past few days.

“The overall reaction has been positive.”

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