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F1’s ideal calendar should have 20 events – Motorsport Week


The Formula 1 calendar is set to feature 20 grand prix, including 15 permanent and five rotating, according to McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl.

The Formula 1 calendar has gradually expanded in recent years, apart from the 2020 season shortened by the pandemic, with 23 grand prix initially scheduled for 2021.

Although this has been revised to 22, due to the pandemic, Formula One chefs expect next season’s roster to feature 23 rounds, while Qatar starting in 2021 will join full-time from 2023.

Formula 1 is optimistic that it will return to some territories for the first time since 2019, such as Canada and Japan, while Miami is set to debut on May 8.

But Seidl thinks Formula 1 needs to keep its schedule from getting too bloated.

“From our perspective, we think the ideal schedule is a 20-race schedule,” he said.

“Maybe 15 races as fixed events and the ability to rotate five sites per year so you can explore new markets or venues.

“And obviously it’s important when scheduling these 20 events that it’s done in a way that is also sustainable for our people, environmentally sustainable as well.

“At the end it’s Stefano [Domenicali’s] work and responsibility and we have the confidence that he finds the right balance there too between the business interests that we have as a team and also in terms of taking care of his staff, our staff and you guys [media].

“The most important thing is that we have a good dialogue with F1 and the FIA.”

The 2022 Formula 1 calendar is expected to be presented at the next meeting of the FIA ​​World Motor Sport Council on October 15.