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Fall 2021 TV premieres dates – Calendar or first seasons and series

Fall TV is back, baby! And to help you keep tabs on it all, TVLine introduces its famous handy calendar (and it is a calendar) of premiere dates in September and October.

Go to school (masked but in person) last year very strange bird of a pandemic-delayed rollout plan, this year’s fall roster is as robust as ever, offering premium cable rates, streaming series and movies, and (sometimes quick) returning broadcast favorites.

Attached is our calendar of dates for September and October (including Brooklyn nine-ninethe end of the series and a few other finals), as well as not a but of them tinted boxes that A) showcase the big November premieres and 2) remind you of everything that’s on hold for mid-season.

In addition, as added Bonus this fall, if you scroll down below, you’ll find breezy previews of the 14 new airing shows for this fall.

The new series are listed in BOLD, the time zones are as always in the East. Click to zoom / print / highlight / apply glitter / frame, and save those dates! (Updated September 22)

Preemptive PS My calendar skills have never been foolproof (even after 10+ years!), so if you spot anything that is (theoretically) missing drop a (polite) note in the comments and I’ll include it (maybe) in an update!

You can check out the broadcast networks’ fall rollout plans in detail at these links: ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW.

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