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Fallout 76 Details Season 6 and Community Calendar


A new Inside the Vault shares details about Fallout 76’s the upcoming season 6 which brings the Fallout Worlds update and more.

News of the Fallout Worlds update was shared in July, when Bethesda announced a September release. The update aims to bring customizable servers to Fallout 76 allowing you to create your own rule sets for this server. Basically, these are custom servers.

However, these servers will only be available if you have purchased a Fallout subscription. If you are not a subscriber, you can still join and play on these servers. We detailed these servers previously, and if you missed it, you can make up for it here.

Season 6 also brings the Unstoppables for their next venture,

“Villains SamurEye, Pyramind and Catarax are fed up with our heroes ending their individual plots and plans over the years. Now, they’ve joined forces to become The Diabolicals, and they’re on a mission to end The Unstoppables once and for all.

Bethesda also featured the new community calendar in its community post. After the Fallout Worlds update on September 8, October brings community CAMP creations: Aliens and UFOs. November marks the third anniversary of Fallout 76. December brings Tales from the Stars: Season 7, legendary 4 stars. It also brings new season events and quality of life improvements.

Last month, the Steel Reign chapter went live for Fallout 76 who brought in a Brotherhood of Steel questline.