Customizable calendar

Free instead of $ 0.99: organize your week with this calendar app for iOS

Extreme Week Calendar is a simple and highly customizable option for organizing life during the week. The app is free for a limited time from the Apple App Store, and instead of $ 0.99, you can download it for free today!


  • The app is available for iPhone and iPad.
  • Extreme Week Calendar does not contain any ads, but offers in-app purchases.
  • The app has a 4.4 star rating, but the number of reviews is still low, 16 in total.

While Apple’s native calendar app is very good, or even Google’s service often used in conjunction with the search giant’s messaging app, having more options in this area is always nice. Especially the one that offers more customization options for the week, so today we decided to recommend Extreme Week Calendar, which is available for iPhone and iPad.

Why is Extreme Week Calendar worth downloading?

Despite the name, Extreme Week isn’t just a calendar, in fact, it’s the lite version of the Extreme Calendar app available for $ 8.99. Thus, it only offers an overview of the seven days of the week and another for the current day.

What I found interesting here is that we can focus on the events of the current week. And whenever you feel the angst of what to expect for the rest of the month or year, you can check out the native iOS app. In this way, Extreme Week can help reduce anxiety about future events for those who like to focus on the present.

Get an overview of your week with Extreme Week Calendar and get organized quickly / © NextPit

Among the coolest features is the use of native calendar data, so you can just download the app and the information will already be integrated. Of course, for this, the application will request access to data from the Apple calendar.

The app offers time saving event templates, military time (24h), current week number (ISO) and uses a time bar system to identify the period of the month. In addition, it has around 200 professional icons to mark events. Extreme Week also has a clean theme and dark mode.

Some of the app’s criticisms on the App Store include the lack of quick edit features for events, for example. However, according to the developer team, the reason is that Extreme Week is the lite version of Extreme Agenda, which offers more advanced features. So far, the explanation seems reasonable to us.

Does Extreme Week Calendar respect your personal data?

Extreme Week Calendar is developed by Birdsoft LLC, and on its privacy policy page, it states that it does not collect data in its apps because all information is stored locally or on Apple systems. Additionally, the developer states that he will never share any personal information of anyone who downloads his apps.

The privacy policy section of the App Store states that the developer does not collect data from this app. However, when downloading Extreme Week Calendar, two permissions are required: calendar access and contacts. The latter refers to interactions with contacts and birthdays. Nothing at odds with the purpose of the service.

What did you think of Extreme Week Calendar and are you interested in this type of application? Share your opinion in the comments below!