Customizable calendar

From Bitcoin prices and weather to calendar alerts, this lo-fi smart LED display handles it all

A retro display for your rustic mid-century table, the Tidbyt gives you the best of both worlds – a cutting-edge IoT display that lets you see weather, news, stock and currency prices, images and album covers, inspirational quotes, etc. in a steampunk display that uses an LED matrix to deliver your information to you in 8-bit lo-fi style.

Designer: Tidbyt

Designed as a Kickstarter project earlier this year, Tidbyt brings you information in a unique and enjoyable format. Unlike the smart displays from Amazon and Google which come with clear and bright OLEDs, the Tidbyt has a retro charm of its own, with a walnut wood casing on the outside and a 2048 LED array on the outside. ‘front, arranged in 64 × 32. The layout allows you to display just about anything on your Tidbyt, as long as it fits on the 64 × 32 resolution screen.

The Tidbyt can be fully controlled / personalized via its associated smartphone app. The team behind Tidbyt is constantly upgrading the app with new widgets for Tidbyt, and if you’re a bit of a coder, the screen’s open source API lets you customize your experience. The app also lets you browse different screens for your Tidbyt. You can choose multiple apps to display on your Tidbyt at the same time. It will cycle or rotate, displaying each of them for 5, 10, or 15 seconds (which you configure through the app). This allows you to easily browse multiple stock tickers, different city time and weather, multiple metro stops, a bunch of funny posts, or all of the above.

Each Tidbyt comes with a set of controls to help you adjust your screen brightness. Depending on where you kept it (on your worktable, fireplace, or bedside), the Tidbyt’s LEDs can be dimmed or brightened for clarity. The app even comes with an auto-dimming feature that tracks the sun and a night mode that kicks in around bedtime, keeping the screen at its lowest brightness so you can sleep with your Tidbyt on.

Post a successful campaign on Kickstarter (which was fully funded in just 2 hours), the Tidbyt is now in production as it prepares to ship to its backers. For people who missed the campaign, the Tidbyt is up for pre-order on its site for $ 179 with delivery in November.