Customizable calendar

Get paid to make a calendar invite with friends

The work-from-home culture has so many branches. It has changed what we wear to work, where we work from and, of course, how we work. For some of us, that means being too available for extra work, ruining our posture while sitting on the couch typing furiously while wearing a sweatshirt that’s seen better days. Heineken is trying to get you to slow down that hustle and bustle a bit and treat life less like a race and more like a walk.

To encourage this, the company is offering up to 40,000 people aged 21 and over money to simply host a calendar event. Starting June 8, you can go to and create a work block calendar invite to share with your friends. Just for creating the invite, you’ll get $5 on Heineken’s Venmo. You’ll get an additional $5 for each friend who accepts the invite, up to $20.

Along with having the chance to easily win $20, you can also win The Closer. It’s not Kyra Sedgwick, it’s a high-tech bottle opener that will instantly close all open work applications on your computer as soon as you open a bottle of Heineken. It looks like a space bottle opener.

“As people continue to feel like they have to work all the time, they forget that disconnecting is even an option,” said Bruno Bertelli, global creative director at Publicis Worldwide, the lead agency that created the campaign. , in a press release. shared release with Thrillist. “That’s why we created The Closer. It’s not just technology; it’s a social provocation to help people see that the pressure of working all the time is getting a little ridiculous and that we all have the power to disconnect and go hang out with our friends again.”

The launch of The Closer was marked by a Big Tech-style product reveal, directed by Billy Eichner. The ad looks like a mashup of Nat for you and a Tim Cook event.

So instead of staying late Wednesday night, quickly log off at 5 p.m. and head over to to get some beer cash and enter to win that high-tech bottle opener.