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Get these Star Wars Advent Calendars before December 1 for treats like a candy cane lightsaber


May the force be strong with you this holiday season. Therese Star wars Advent calendars include dozens of movie-themed surprises, like a candy barley lightsaber, a LEGO Baby Yoda, and more.

the Star wars The franchise, created by George Lucas and described as an epic space opera, began in 1977 with the first film Star wars (now titled Episode IV: A New Hope.) The film was a success and led to two sequels, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back in 1980 and Episode VI: Return of the Jedi in 1983.

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But it was far from the end of the Star wars franchise. In the 2000s, Lucas made a prequel trilogy: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace in 1999, Episode II: Attack of the Clones in 2002 and Episode III: Revenge on the Sith in 2005. In 2012, Lucas sold the Star wars franchise to Disney, which produced a third trilogy: Episode VIII: The Force Awakens in 2015, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi in 2017 and Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker in 2019. The nine films, called the Skywalker Saga, also led to several spin-off films such as Rogue One in 2016 and Solo in 2018.

If you’ve never used an Advent calendar before, here’s how it works: Each calendar has around 25 paper compartments that fans can open as they count the 25 days until Christmas. Inside the compartments are festive surprises like ornaments, mini Christmas books and other holiday-themed trinkets. If you’re someone who can’t wait until December 25, advent calendars are a great way to get rid of the itch of opening gifts and unwrapping a new gift every day.

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From candy cane lightsabers to a LEGO Baby Yoda, these Star wars Advent calendars are a must have for all fans of the galaxy from far afield. Read on for the best Star wars advent calendars to treat yourself (or to other Star wars fans) this holiday season.

"The Mandalorian"  Advent calendar

Advent Calendar “The Mandalorian”

‘The Mandalorian’ Candy Advent Calendar $ 39.95 +

Buy now

For fans of The Mandalorian, this Star wars The Advent calendar is filled with treats on the theme of the hit Disney + series. The calendar features 25 pockets that contain unusual surprises, like creamy milk chocolate spheres wrapped in Mandalorian-themed sheet; chocolate stars; blue raspberry candy rings; a galactic blend of jelly beans with intergalactic flavors like green apple, watermelon, blueberry, lemon and cherry, twist caramel; and green gummy frogs. The calendar, which is over 10 ounces of pure Star wars fun, costs $ 39.95 for one or $ 79.95 for two (a $ 10 discount!)

The Mandalorian The Candy Advent Calendar is available from William Sonoma.

"Star wars"  Lego Advent Calendar

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

Buy: LEGO ‘Star Wars’ Advent Calendar $ 39.99

This LEGO Star wars The Advent Calendar features buildable characters from The Mandalorian and Star Wars movies, including Grogu (aka Baby Yoda), a Tusken Rider, IG-11, and IT-O Interrogator Droid. The timeline also includes buildable vehicles like the Razor Crest, Riot Mar Star Fighter, Imperial Troop Transport, X-wing, TIE Fighter, Imperial Light Cruiser, Boba Fett’s Spacecraft, and the Baby Yoda hoverpram. But that’s not all. Also inside the 335-piece calendar are buildable Star Wars weapons and gear like the E-web Heavy Blaster Snow Thrower; training objectives; Tusken Raider’s weapon rack and snow thrower; Imperial arms rack; and the Mandalorian weapon rack.

Lego Star wars the advent calendar is available on Amazon.

Image: courtesy of Insight Editions.

Image: courtesy of Insight Editions.

Buy: ‘Star Wars: The Galactic Advent Calendar’ $ 29.99

Insight Editions — the brand behind collectible books and Advent calendars for Friends, Wonder, Harry potter and more franchises — has a Star wars advent calendar titled, Star Wars: The Galactic Advent Calendar: 25 Days of Surprises with Booklets, Trinkets and More! The calendar features 25 pockets that fans can open as they count the 25 days until Christmas. Inside the pockets are more than 30 exclusive Star wars keepsakes such as movie themed ornaments, buttons, booklets, collectible cards, and recipes based on movie dishes, like a stuffed puffer pig. Items also include a candy cane-shaped lightsaber pencil, a keepsake with Darth Vader in a Santa hat, and a trinket with R2-D2 next to a Christmas tree.

With Star Wars: The Galactic Advent Calendar, Insight Editions also offers other collector’s books for Star wars fans, including Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection(a poster book of all lightsabers in Star Wars history), Star Wars: Secrets of the Jedi(an interactive and illustrated guide to the history of the Jedi) and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook (a recipe book of over 70 recipes for dishes prepared by a fan favorite Star wars chef Strono “Cookie” Tuggs)

the Star Wars: Galactic Advent Calendar is available on Amazon.

the Star wars the films are available to stream on Disney +. For more Star warsthematic merch, click here for our gift guide.

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