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Voici tous les meilleurs calendriers de l'avent arrosés que vous pouvez acheter maintenant.  (<strong>Laithwaites)</strong>

Here are all of the best watered advent calendars you can buy right now. (Laithwaite)

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OK, we know it’s a bit early to prepare for Christmas, but we just couldn’t help ourselves, especially when there are already so many festive gifts to buy.

Beauty advent calendars aren’t the only Christmas product that’s already flying off the shelves. We also suggest that you keep an eye out for those watered-down 2021 advent calendars, which in recent years have become one of the favorite ways to enjoy advent as an adult.

So if you want to have a glass of something good to look forward to every day in December, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite alcoholic advent calendars right now, from the perfect ones to give as gifts to those perfect for. to please yourself.

The Best Watered Advent Calendars You Can Buy Right Now

Boutique-y Gin Company Advent Calendar | Masters of Malt £ 49.99

An annual favorite among gin lovers, this Boutique-y Gin Company calendar means you’ll discover 24 different wax-sealed 30ml samples of amazing, inventive, and immensely tasty gins every day in December.

Advent Calendar of Wine | £ 69.99 (was £ 79.99) from Laithwaites



What goes well with a chocolate advent calendar? A calendar of the advent of wines. This one comes in the form of a beautiful house with a quarter of a bottle of wine behind each door. In addition, there is a half bottle of champagne on the roof to treat you on Christmas Eve.

It is also available in all red or all white depending on your preference.

Premium Pink Gin Advent Calendar | £ 44.99 at The Bottle Club

This pink gin calendar screams party and includes 12 deliciously colorful treats to unwrap and “cheer” on with a friend. We’re especially excited about the Liverpool Organic Rose Petal Gin, Chase Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin and Coastal Distillery Strawberries & Cream Gin (yum!).

The Snaffling Pig Co. Crackling & Beer Advent Calendar | £ 65 from John Lewis

This unique Advent calendar comes with a classic combination of pork crackers and beer. You can enjoy twelve 330ml cans of Twisted Tail Pale Ale, Mighty Swine Lager, and Wild Hog Pilsner (four of each). Better yet – there are twelve bags of pork crackers that come in Low & Slow BBQ, Marvelous Maple, and Perfectly Salted flavors.

Prosecco O Clock Advent Calendar | £ 109.95 from Not on the Main Street

(Not on High Street / The Little Boys Room)

(Not on High Street / The Little Boys Room)

It’s not very affordable, but when you consider the fact that you’re getting 12 bottles of premium Prosecco (one of the most party drinks you can have), it suddenly starts to sound like a lot better value. -price.

Enjoy a range of premium bubbles, from a bottle of Bottega Gold Prosecco Brut to a Gancia Pinot di Pinot Rose, and get into the spirit of celebration.

Whiskey Advent Calendar | Masters of Malt £ 149.95

Behind every window is a wax-sealed 30ml whiskey sample from some fantastic stills, mixers and bottlers. A multitude of whiskey styles are featured and a wide range of flavor profiles are easily explored, making it an extremely delicious countdown to Christmas – and getting you to order some of your new favorites before the big day.

Bourbon & American Whiskey Advent Calendar | Masters of Malt £ 124.95

Bourbon fans, this one is for you, because why miss out on all the fun? As with the gin and whiskey calendars above, this Masters of Malt calendar means you have 24 days of whiskey, covering a variety of flavor and bourbon profiles including rye, Tennessee whiskey, and more. .

Advent Calendar of Wine until Christmas | £ 99.95 from Not on the Main Street

(Not on High Street / The Little Boys Room)

(Not on High Street / The Little Boys Room)

Another for wine lovers, this calendar has a 187ml to 200ml wine bottle behind each door. You can enjoy a glass of all your favorites, including D’Vine Angels Pinot Grigio, Altaria Sauvignon Blanc, and Silver Creek Shiraz.

Rum Advent Calendar | Masters of Malt £ 149.95

Rum isn’t traditionally a Christmas drink, but that doesn’t mean if you’re a lover of the stuff you should give it up. And this year, Drinks of the Dram has hand-picked 24 of the most notable rum variations around, for you to enjoy with a thin pie and a festive flick. So whether you’re an avowed rum geek or just fancy finding a new favorite for your rum and cokes, this is a great way to count back to the big day.

Premium Gin Advent Calendar (2021 Edition) | Master of Malt £ 84.95

Calling all gin lovers – behind each of the 24 doors on this stylish calendar is a wax-sealed 30ml gin sample, made by premium distillers in nine different countries. It includes all of your favorites including Tanqueray No. Ten, FEW American Gin, and Villa Ascenti Rosa Gin.

Drinks by the Dram 12 Dram Premium Rhum Collection | £ 45 of Master of Malt

Behind each window is a 30ml glass of wax-sealed rum made by experts around the world. Samples include Gosling’s Black Seal, Hattiers Premium Reserve Rum, and Hampden Estate 8 Year Old, among others. If you are a rum lover, this one’s for you.

Drinks by Dram 12 Dram Tequila & Mezcal Collection | £ 45 Master of Malt

Inside this beautifully patterned box are 12 different wax-sealed 30ml samples of delicious tequila and mezcal from some of Mexico’s top producers. Tequila lovers will be happy to know that you can buy Herradura Reposado, El Jimador Añejo, and Mezcal Amores Cupreata among other popular brands.

Drinks from the Dram 12 Dram whiskey collection | £ 45 of Master of Malt

No more whiskey but this one is made by Drinks by Dram. It contains 12 different 30ml drams of wax sealed whiskey from top quality producers. From Hudson Baby Bourbon to Glenfiddich Experimental Series – IPA Cask Finish, you are spoiled for choice with this box.

Personalized Fizz Advent Calendar | £ 124.99 from personalization

(<strong>Become personal)</strong>

(Become personal)

Who doesn’t like sparkling wine at Christmas? This calendar includes 24 miniature sparkling bottles, including Seven different types of prosecco alone. It also comes with a personalized gift card, making it the perfect gift for a loved one this year.

Drinks by Dram 12 Dram Premium Gin Collection | £ 39 Master of Malt

Inside this fancy box are twelve different 30ml samples of premium gin. You are spoiled for choice with a variety of different flavors including Rooibos & Grapefruit Gin Copper Republic, Kyrö Gin, No.3 Gin and many more.

That Boutique-y Whiskey Company 12 Dram Collection | £ 65 Master of Malt

Perfect for sharing with friends, this futuristic box contains twelve different 30ml wax-sealed whiskey drams made by That Boutique-y Whiskey Company. You can expect Teaninich 10 Year Old, World Whiskey Blend, Glen Elgin 12 Year Old and many more.

Always drink responsibly. Visit Aware of alcohol consumption for advice.

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