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Goals are officially leaving Google Calendar

Just set up recurring events instead, says Google

Google has added a lot of features to its trusty calendar service over the years, but it seems the company wants to go back to basics. Google Calendar already lost support for location-based reminders earlier this year, and now the company is getting rid of the so-called Goals feature. A banner has appeared in the app stating that Goals will soon be gone and will no longer be available from November.


As spotted by 9to5Google, a banner now appears at the top of your screen when trying to add a new goal. The banner says “Goals will be leaving Google Calendar soon.” Although you can still see your goals, they will no longer repeat themselves. Instead, Google encourages you to set up recurring events as an alternative, with a button to push you right into that part of the app. The company also linked a Google help page in the banner with additional information, stating that Lenses will be removed from the service completely in November 2022.

Besides recurring events, Google also encourages you to use other tools to emulate what you might use Goals for. Apart from recurring events, you can also opt for a recurring scheduled tune-up time, which automatically declines calendar events for you and helps you focus on a certain task, such as exercising or developing a skill. (two example goals provided by Google). However, this is only an option for business or school accounts.

The removal of goals from the calendar is no surprise. During an app teardown, it was already spotted that Google was preparing the banner that is now visible, so this is just confirmation that this is in fact happening.

Google’s restructuring of some Calendar features appears to be tied to its work on a more unified task management solution across all of its apps. The company previously removed location-based and assigned reminders from Assistant, so clearly something is afoot.