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Google adds Google Calendar integration to Quick View Calendar on Chrome OS

Those who use Chromebooks should be aware of the Quick View Calendar. This useful tool is great for finding the date but not for checking your Google Calendar events. Now, according to About Chromebooks, it appears that’s no longer the case. Google has finally added Google Calendar integration to the Quick View calendar.

Google merges Google Calendar and Quick View Calendar

For those using a newer version of Chrome OS 97, when you click on the time and date in the taskbar, you’ll be greeted by a calendar widget that pops up. It gives you a quick snapshot of the month, and that’s about it. While this feature is really cool, it looks like Google is about to improve it.

According to the report, Google will add Google Calendar integration to Quick View Calendar. This means that when you open it, you will also be able to see all the events you have created on Google Calendar. This is a great feature for those who focus on productivity and efficiency.

At the moment, there’s not much you can do with this feature other than get an overview of the events you have for the day. It will show you how many events you have for the day and event titles.

This feature is still experimental

Although some people have been able to implement this feature, it is still in the development stage. If you want to try the quick view calendar, you need to be running the latest version of Chrome OS 97. Go to your browser and type chrome://flags#calendar-view in your browser.

A separate window will open and display a list of experimental features that Google is working on for Chrome and Chrome OS. If you enter the address correctly, the calendar section of the quick view should be highlighted. Next to it, you will see a drop-down menu that says “Default”. Click on the drop-down menu and select the “Enabled” option. At this point, your Chromebook will restart. Once you restart your Chromebook, you should be able to see the Quick View calendar.

However, if you want Google Calendar integration, you cannot use a stable version of Chrome OS. Kevin C. Tofel of About Chromebooks notes that he was on the Chrome OS 99.0.4815.0 Dev Channel. This is fragile territory for most users, so if you value stability over getting new features, you should stay on a stable version of Chrome OS and wait for the official release.

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