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Google Calendar can arrive in a Chrome OS taskbar near you

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Google Calendar can be a daily visit for many of us, but if you’re using a Chromebook, there’s no way to access it outside of the web or a dedicated app. Chrome OS still doesn’t have a calendar built into its system tray, but that could be about to change. After evidence emerged earlier this year that a simple widget was in the works, a new experiment hints that your Chromebook could potentially feature full Google Calendar integration.

9to5Google has spotted a new commit on the Chromium Gerrit that points to an upcoming “calendar view”. This change could be associated with proof of a scalable status area, which leaves room next to the system clock for the current date. Of course, there is a related flag in Chrome OS that accompanies this commit, although it cannot be activated yet. It doesn’t just highlight the calendar view, it directly targets Google Calendar integration.

Productivity test: Monthly calendar view

Display the monthly calendar view with Google Calendar events to increase productivity by helping users view their schedules faster.

chrome: // flags / # calendar-view

A monthly view of Google Calendar would allow users to view upcoming meetings and appointments, all from the taskbar. As a “productivity experiment”, it could die on the vine before it even reaches a public building. After all, we’re still waiting for Chrome’s Clipboard Manager, first seen last summer with a similar tag.

Still, this change makes a lot of sense. With Chrome OS integrated so well with your Google account, syncing your system’s date with Google Calendar seems like a no-brainer. The flag is currently set to expire in Chrome OS version 103, which leaves plenty of time to tweak and test.

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