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Google Calendar now lets you share your default workplace

What do you want to know

  • Google introduced a new user interface for sharing workplaces last month.
  • The feature has started rolling out to Google Workspace Business users.
  • The ability to share location was first introduced by Google last year.

In May this year, Google Calendar was introduced with a new user interface to share your workplace within the app. The ability to share location in the calendar app first appeared in August last year. That meant educating co-workers whether you were working from home or in the office – the hybrid work culture that has arrived amid the pandemic. The new UI announced last month has now started showing up by default for Google Workspace Business users, among others.

In an accompanying blog post, Google officially confirmed that in its Calendar app, users will be able to set their default workplace. This allows them to reduce one step in enabling the Calendar app settings feature. The “Workplace” option will be enabled by default if you use Google Calendar for your typical work scenarios. Unless an administrator manages it and the person chooses to disable it completely.

Google Calendar location sharing feature

(Image credit: Google)

Last month, Google’s announcement mentioned that this new update allows users to use screen space more efficiently. It provides the same ability to simply enter and update location information in a more condensed way.

Any new features will usually take up to fifteen days to roll out as this is a phased rollout. And this is no exception. It’s supposed to be available for Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, Nonprofits, and G Suite Business customers. However, personal Google account users are still not eligible to use this feature.

Google Calendar has always been among the best calendar apps for Android and iOS users. With a host of features and the ability to use it for free, Google has always been seen as bringing new improvements to its native calendar app. Last week, the search giant gave Google Calendar users an option to prevent spam by only adding invitations from known senders.

This involves restricting spam by allowing users to select an option to view calendar events sent only by known contacts. This new feature does not stop invitations from unknown senders, but they will only appear on the calendar if users accept the invitation, which is convenient to some extent.