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Google Calendar update lets you track how much time you waste in meetings

What do you want to know

  • Google has unveiled a new color-coding system for calendar events and activities.
  • The new feature is intended to help you track time spent on meetings.
  • It’s available to business users, except for education workspaces and personal Google Accounts.

Google Calendar adds a new tool to its Time Insights feature that lets you categorize events and track time spent on meetings using color labels.

The new color categorization extends to Time Insights, which breaks down the time you spent on specific events and displays that data on the right panel. These include the number of times you’ve attended a particular meeting, the people on your call, and the amount of time you’ve spent on video conferencing software like Google Meet.

Google Calendar’s new color-coding system makes it easier to understand how you spend your time by letting you customize event categories and add color labels to events.

“We hope this customizable breakdown feature will make it easier for you to track time spent on specific activities or strategic areas, such as project work, staff meetings, or meetings with specific colleagues and stakeholders” , Google said in a blog post. (opens in a new tab).

You can label events as “personal” or “important”, as well as name them according to your goals or projects, and then assign them color labels. Google Calendar will then display a time breakdown for these events on a graph in Time Insights.

The new feature is enabled by default. To get started, simply navigate to “Time Breakdown” in Time Insights, then select “By Color.” Finally, click “Add Label” and right click on an event in the calendar grid to add a color label. You can view your time information by clicking Time Information on the left panel and then opening “More Information”.

Google Calendar grid with different colors

(Image credit: Google)

However, not everyone can access the tool. Google restricts access only to Workspace accounts in the Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Nonprofits tiers.

If you have a personal Google Account or a subscription to Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Enterprise Essentials, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Frontline, and older G Suite Basic and Business plans, you are out of luck.