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Google Calendar will allow you to chat with other event attendees

Google is adding a new button on Google Calendar events to allow users to easily start a chat with other meeting participants.

Google is introducing a new button on the mobile and desktop version of Google Calendar that allows meeting attendees to quickly open a chat window directly from the event page itself.

Until now, meeting attendees could only send emails to each other through an email icon next to the meeting attendee list.

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The new button will appear next to the invitees list on the Calendar event and is aimed at improving group communication.

Users can now quickly start a chat with other meeting participants before, during, and after the meeting. However, only participants who are part of the same organization will be automatically included in the chat. If the meeting takes place with additional external participants, they will not be part of the discussion group.

The additional capacity, which will be enabled by default for admins and end users, results from Google’s integration of the recently renamed chats into Gmail.

The new functionality is already gradually being deployed on mobile and on the web. It will be available to all Google Workspace customers and G Suite Basic and Business customers by the third week of October.

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