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Google Calendar will soon allow you to share your workplace with your colleagues


With the rollout of COVID-19 vaccination in full swing in many parts of the world and the easing of restrictions related to the pandemic, many organizations have announced plans to return to the office. However, the danger of the Delta variant means that many employers are adopting a flexible hybrid model that gives employees the ability to work remotely for a certain number of days / hours per week. If your organization has adopted a similar hybrid work model that allows you to work both remotely and in the office, this new feature of Google Calendar will come in handy.

Google Calendar is getting a new feature that will let you specify where you are working from directly on the calendar. The feature will allow you to add a workplace routine for a given week and leave “Others know where you are working when they invite you to an event. “

You will be able to indicate where you are working from directly on your calendar. You can add a weekly workplace routine and update your location as plans change.

Workplace setting in Google Calendar

Once you set up the workplace feature, your coworkers will be able to see on the shared calendar which days you will be working remotely or in the office. However, only people with free / busy access to your calendar will be able to see your location. Google says location feature will “Easier to plan for in-person collaboration or set expectations in a hybrid workplace. “

The ability to share work locations will begin rolling out for admins starting today. The feature will be turned on by default, but admins can choose to turn it off for their organization before August 30. For end users, the phased rollout will begin from August 30. It will be disabled by default but you can enable it from the calendar settings.

The new functionality will be available on select Google Workspace plans, including Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and nonprofits, and G Suite Business customers.