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Google Chat automatically suggests discussions based on your upcoming calendar events


A new Google Workspace feature automatically offers a chat shortcut for speaking to participants in your scheduled meetings.

Busy schedules can sometimes lead to overlapping meetings and the need to quickly notify attendee (s) of your next meeting that you will be late. And when you’re late for an important meeting, time really matters.

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To help, Google has included a handy feature in Google Workspace, which allows users to quickly access a 1: 1 group or chat with the person (s) involved in the next scheduled meeting on Google Calendar.

As part of this feature, Google Chat automatically creates a suggested conversation shortcut that’s at the top of the Chat section in Gmail on mobile and web – and in Google Chat on mobile.

Suggested shortcuts appear 10 minutes before a scheduled meeting and remain 10 minutes after a meeting ends. This time is usually very useful for sharing minutes, information, and files about a meeting that just took place.

The new functionality is available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as to G Suite Basic and Business customers. However, users of a personal Google Account do not have access to it.

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