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How to Create Shared Meeting Notes Using Google Calendar and Meet

There may be times when you need to reconcile all of your meeting notes into one document. Even though all the important topics covered in the meeting will be covered in the document, it can be quite difficult to remember everything. Also, including other attendees’ suggestions and feedback in the document after a meeting can take time.

To help you in such situations, Google simplified the method of creating, sharing and attaching to encountertake notes in Meet and Calendar. He made it very simple for a Google Meet organizer to start a new Google Docs for meeting notes from inside Google Calendar events and use it more to collaborate with other participants.

This method allows you to create a google Doctor for meeting notes, attach them to a calendar event and share the notes with everyone in the meeting. Additionally, the link between the calendar event and the document allows users to access notes from Google Drive and Google Calendar. Here’s how you can create meeting notes in Google Calendar and then access them during your meeting:

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  • Use the desktop version of the Google Calendar, Meet, and Doc apps.
  • You will either need to be the meeting organizer or have permission to edit the calendar event details.

Meeting Notes in Google Calendar


Open the Google Calendar app on your computer or mobile device.


Click on the an event to which you want to add meeting notes (Google Doc).


Under the Event tab, you will see Add Description and Add Attachment options. Choose the Add attachment option.


Click on the Create meeting notes button.


Save event and a document will be created. The document will be shared with all invitees, including those outside your organization.

Meeting notes in Google Meet
All meeting participants will have access to the meeting notes document once it is created in a calendar event. Each meeting participant will have access to the shared Google document so they can collaborate on meeting notes. Meeting participants can continue working on the shared document simultaneously. If you’re one of the attendees and can’t find the meeting document, here’s what to do:


In the Google Meetclick on the More information icon (i) available at the bottom right of the screen.


You will find the option for created meeting notes in the Calendar event. Click on it and you will be redirected to the shared Google document to work with your meeting invitees.