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How to integrate Google Calendar with Asana

Jack Wallen walks you through the process of syncing your Asana tasks so they appear on your Google calendar.

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Asana is an outstanding project management platform that offers just about every feature you can imagine from such a tool – from kanban, calendars, timelines, workflows and dashboards to so much more. Again.

If you rely on Google Calendar to organize and schedule your daily tasks, you’ll be happy to know that you can integrate your Asana account with your Google calendar so that your Asana tasks appear in your Google calendar. Anyone who depends on both tools will find this a breath of fresh air, as you won’t always have to check two calendars at once.

But how do you do that? Believe it or not, the process of synchronizing these two services is not difficult. Let me show you how.

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What you will need

For this to work, you will need Asana and Google accounts. That’s it.

How to integrate Asana Tasks with Google Calendar

Log in to your Asana account and click on the project that will sync its tasks with Google Calendar. At the top of the screen, click on the drop-down menu associated with the name of the project. In the resulting drop-down menu (Figure A), click Export.

Figure A

The Project drop-down menu gives you access to several features.

From the Export submenu, select Sync with Calendar (Figure B).

Figure B

The Sync with Calendar option in the Export submenu in Asana.

In the resulting window, select the Google Calendar tab and copy the provided link (Figure C).

Figure C

Asana provides you with a shareable link which can then be added to Google Calendar.

Next, go to Google Calendar and click the + button associated with other calendars (Figure D).

Figure D

The Other Calendars section of Google Calendar.

In the resulting popup window (Figure E), click From URL.

Figure E

Added Asana Tasks link to Google Calendar.

In the next window (Figure F), paste the copied link into the Calendar box URL and click Add Calendar.

Figure F

You can choose to make this calendar public if a team needs to be able to view it.

And that’s all. Google Calendar will automatically start fetching all your tasks from Asana and display them in your calendar. Depending on the density of your Asana tasks, this may take a while, but they will all show up eventually.

Congratulations, you have successfully synced your Asana tasks with your Google calendar. Enjoy the efficient workflow.

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