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How to Use Calendar App on Windows 11 PC

Windows 11 has its own feature-rich Calendar application that helps you to be organized by planning your events, tasks, meetings, etc. The app shortcut is in the right corner of your taskbar. Just click the time and date icon in your taskbar and the calendar flyout menu will appear in a small window. However, with the new Windows 11 operating system, the event integration feature is removed from this flyout.

How to Use Calendar App on Windows 11 PC

The Calendar app works offline, but you need to sign in to your Microsoft account to sync it with Google Calendar, iCloud, etc. Today in this article, we will share a detailed tutorial on how you can use Calendar on your Windows 11 PC.

  1. How to Open Calendar App on Windows 11 PC
  2. How to create an event in the Calendar app
  3. Add details and people to your event
  4. Add calendars
  5. Plan your day with Calendar app on Windows 11 PC
  6. How to sync your calendar app across devices
  7. Customize your Calendar app
  8. How to adjust calendar settings on your Windows 11 PC.

1]How to open Calendar app on Windows 11 PC

Although you can quickly open Calendar by clicking the date and time icon on your taskbar, to open the Calendar app, open Windows Search and type Calendar. Open the app and you can start creating events and managing the calendar. You can also pin the Calendar app to the Start menu and taskbar if you want.

It is a very simple application with a user-friendly interface. On one side you can see the calendar and in the left panel you can see added calendars, birthdays and holidays.

2]How to create an event in Calendar app

Once the Calendar app is open, you can create an event here. Just click on a date you want to create an event on and you’ll see a little pop-up window. Fill in the required details like event name, date and time, reminder timings, and click save, and that’s it. You will see the event created on your calendar.

Click on the created event in the calendar and you will be able to see all the details. You will be called back according to the schedules filled in by you. You can create as many events as you want in your Calendar app. You can also create birthday events like this in your calendar.

3]Add details and people to your event

While creating the event, click More details and you can add a description of your event, add people to your event, create an online meeting, and send invitations.

4]Add calendars

In the lower left corner, you will see a button for adding calendars. Click the button and you can add any country’s public holiday calendar. Once you’ve selected your country of choice, all holidays for that country will automatically be added to your Calendar app. You can also add the schedules for TV, MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL from here.

5]Plan your day with Calendar app on Windows 11 PC

Along with adding the events and birthday, this app also helps you plan your whole day properly. It works more like your digital diary where you can set your whole day’s agenda and also add reminders so you don’t miss any important appointments. Click on the day in the top menu ribbon and start filling out your entire day’s planner. You can also fill in these details per week or per month according to your own preferences. The app has a different dedicated logo for all your events – for example if you create an entry for your lunch or breakfast it will show a cutlery or crockery icon and if you add a doctor’s appointment to your diary, she show the doctors sign.

6]How to sync your calendar app across devices

To sync your app across your devices and other calendar apps like Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar, you need to add an account here. Click on the Settings icon located in the corner of the left panel of your application. Click Manage Accounts.

Click Add account and add the account you want to sync with the Calendar app on your Windows PC. Log in with this account and grant permissions to Windows. That’s it, the account will then be added to your Calendar app, and events created in all Calendar apps will be merged into a single app, making it easier for you.

7]Customize your Calendar app

Windows 11 is quite customizable, as are its apps. You can customize the Calendar app on your Windows 11 PC. Open the Calendar app and click the Settings icon in the left panel. Click on the Personalization tab and you can change the colors of your calendar, change it to light mode, dark mode or windows mode. How to Use Calendar App on Windows 11 PC

The “Use my Windows mode” option uses whatever mode your computer is currently using, whether it’s light, dark, or custom mode. In the screenshot below, we are using “dark mode”. There is also an option to add a background image in your Calendar app.

8]How to Adjust Calendar Settings on Your Windows 11 PC

Click the Settings icon in the lower left corner, then select Calendar Settings in the right panel. Here you can customize and configure the Calendar app settings according to your own needs. You can change the first week of the day, your working days in the week, working hours, etc. There is also an option to add an alternate calendar here.

So here are some basic details about the Calendar app on your Windows 11 PC.

Does Windows 11 have a calendar?

Yes. Along with the brand new look and interface of Windows 11, the Calendar app also has new features and a new look.

How to open Calendar in Windows 11?

To change the date in your Calendar app, click on the date and time displayed in the far right corner of your taskbar and it will open the small calendar in a pop-up window. To launch the full app, type Calendar in the Windows search option.

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